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Default Rate My Rain Dance Team? :)

Cofagrigus (ghost) @damp rock
calm (def/sp.def/hp)

-rain dance

Toxicroak (poison/fighting) @leftovers
adamant [atk/spd/hp]

-brick break
-poison jab
-sucker punch

Floatzel (water) @choice band
adamant (atk/spd/sp.def)

-ice fang
-aqua tail
-giga impact

Dragonite (dragon/flying) @leftovers
carefult (atk/sp.def/def)

-dragon claw
-fire punch

Gengar (ghost/poison) @choice scarf
modest (sp.atk/spd/sp.def)

-dark pulse
-shadow ball

Vaporeon (water) @life orb
modest (hp/sp.atk/sp.def)

-ice beam
-rain dance

So I set up my team with my Cofagrigus. He has good def/sp.def so I'll begin the rain dance portion of my battle strategy with him. I'll then switch to my Vaporeon or Floatzel. Both have good atk or sp.atk. They can knock out a few pokes. Then I'll work with my Gengar and Dragonite. They are more of my sweeper type attackers. Then if I need to use any others I can use my Toxicroak as more of a last resort or substitute to gain time. Tell me if this is any good or if it's completely bad. Thanks for the help.
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