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Default Re: URPG Exhibition Battles

Exhibition Battle #1
Haze vs The Jr. Trainer

It had been a long, interesting, and, most importantly, active day in the URPG. The day started off with a 17-man FFA. During the FFA, an 12-man mini tournament was started where non-participants were able to fill out a bracket for a chance to win $5,000. Everyone's hopes of winning some cash went in the gutter when SLC upset tournament favorite Fossil Fusion in the first round. Despite beind deemed impossible, the mini-tournament finished up in one day. When the mini tournament was done, there was another 14-man FFA. All this activity, and we didn't even make it to the main event yet. It was interesting hearing the new members ask "who's battling tonight, anyway?" and "never heard of these people." Little did these members know that they would be watching two URPG Legends duke it out in a full 6-on-6 battle.

Haze, the former champion, facing off against The Jr. Trainer, a retired Elite 4 member. Members joked about how there wouldn't be any Gen V moves or pokemon used in this battle, and they were partially right. Both battlers started out with Infernape. It wasn't looking too good for Haze out of the gate when he ended up Encored into Fake Out. Already behind, he had an uphill battle ahead of him after the first 2 turns. Haze was set behind once again when a surprise Choice Specs on Alakazam led to his Starmie getting knocked out. The other early pivotal moment was when Swampert set up Stealth Rocks. A lost strategy in Gen V, it would turn out to pay huge dividends for Jr, as Haze was packing both a Salamence and a Dragonite, who are weak to Stealth Rocks. Over the next hour Haze was able to slowly claw his way back up, until at one point it was thought that he had the battle in the bag. However, in one huge turn, Haze's Dragonite used Roost, but Jr's Spiritomb Snatched it. This drew reactions from several members, such as "CLUTCH" and "OOOHHH SH-". The battle remained even until the final two Pokemon came out. Haze's Dragonite against Jr's Alakazam. Dragonite was Toxiced badly, but also had a nice Atk+2 Spd+1 boost. Left with no choice, Dragonite used Rest, while Alakazam sat there with only 20% HP left. The game would come down to Sleep Talk rolls. Roll 1: Icy Wind. Hit, but not enough to KO. Psychic would bring Dragonite into KO range. It came down to the final roll. If it was Rest or Roost, the battle would continue. If it was an attack, Haze wins. Anything else, Junior wins. The second roll was a Roost, essentially locking the battle up for Haze since he would be waking up on the next turn and able to KO. Haze wins. Great game, came down to the wire. Exhibition Battle = successful. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially Haze and Jr, as well as Web for reffing the main battle as well as a few in the mini tournament.

Exhibition Battle #2
TheEvilDookie vs SLC, Buoyysel, and Gmandiddy

TeD: Gengar, Jolteon, Weavile, Blaziken, Starmie, Salamence
SLC: Blaziken, Metagross Buoy: Mamoswine, Miltank Gman: Espeon, Gyarados

It was set to be an interesting match right from the start. Gman, SLC, and Buoy were in a chatroom for discussing their strategy, and let's just say; it was interesting. The three teamed up to taken on Elite 4 Member and Viridian City Gym Leader TheEvilDookie, better know as TeD. TeD has a reputation for being one of the best battlers in the URPG today, so he was the clear favorite to win among spectators. However, the team of SLC, Buoy, and Gman (let's refer to them as Team Homo for now on), proved to have more of an advantage than expected. For starters, they were each able to use their two most well-EM'd Pokemon. Second, TeD wouldn't know what Pokemon he was facing, since two or more of them owned some of the Pokemon that were being used. This proved to be helpful for Team Homo, as when their lead Blaziken Red Carded out TeD's Weavile, it was clear they had the advantage. With a Swords Dance, a few Speed Boosts, and ~30% HP, Blaziken was looking scary. Especially since it's opponent was a Weavile, a severe mismatch for the Dark/Ice-type. It was clear that a Fake Out followed by a Quick Attack would KO Blaziken. Expecting this, Team Homo decided to use Protect, blocking the Fake Out and leaving the Quick Attack unable to KO. However, TeD, being the elite battler he is, said "F IT, YOLO!" and went for the Swords Dance. With Atk+2 and control of the battle, TeD had managed to climb out of the early whole that Blaziken had put him in. The mood had changed greatly in the Team Homo chatroom, going from confident to humbled. The battle continued on even, until TeD sent his Salamence in against what he thought was Buoy's Espeon. Prepared to set up and sweep, TeD was caught off guard when the Espeon turned out to be Gman's HP Ice Espeon, scoring a surprise KO and once again giving Team Homo the lead. But then, Starmie came in. Starmie took out the weakened Espeon, and Team Homo brought in Miltank. Three Thunder Waves, 2 Refresh, a couple fully pars and a lot of Surfs later, Miltank was KO'd, and Gyarados was brought in for Team Homo. Gyarados was expected by everyone to Dragon Dance on the Thunderbolt, then KO with Bite or Crunch, get the Moxie boost and so some sweeping. However, Team Homo decided to opt for Thunder instead. The Thunder missed, and allowed Starmie to KO on the next turn. The last hope for Team Homo was the same Blaziken that helped them so much in the beginning. Hoping TeD would expect a Protect and opt for a Substitute, Team Homo took a chance very similar to the one TeD took earlier, and went for a Swords Dance. However, it didn't work as well for them. Starmie used Surf, KO'ing Blaziken, and leaving Mamoswine to suffer the same fate. Interesting battle, good game. Also, highlight of the battle:

SLC 6:57 pm
this was my favourite part of the battle
buoyysel 10:27 pm
we could do a double switch

buoyysel 10:27 pm
pass to gyarados, thunderbolt bait
then switch to mamoswine for a free switch
then again idk what that will accomplish

Teddy Bear 6:57 pm

Captain Dude 6:57 pm
that was vs gengar
at the beginning

Teddy Bear 6:57 pm
so you guys have mamoswine

Captain Dude 6:58 pm
lol stupid SLC

Teddy Bear 6:58 pm

gmandiddy 6:58 pm
wut the helll
your fired

Teddy Bear 6:58 pm
laughing irl

SLC 6:58 pm
**** AAAA

gmandiddy 6:58 pm

SLC 6:58 pm
i'm useless ":

TeD wins, gets ???
SLC loses, gets ???
Buoy loses, gets ???
Gman loses, gets ???
I reffed, get 3,000
@We Taste Pies...; needs to determine the payouts.
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