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Default HP Reroll 4: Revenge of TED

Cooool, a new HP Reroll Station. JUST A FEW GROUND RULES FIRST:

- it costs 3,000 for a Pokemon's HP type to be rerolled
- the Pokemon must already have a HP type (and therefore have HP)
- when posting a purchase, post it like any other purchase, and include the Pokemon you want rerolled and a link to your stats
- a Pokemon's HP type may only be rerolled once per event, even if it changes owner
- this event is incompatible with rental Pokemon
- you won't be rerolled the same type as the type you currently have
- you must keep your new type, unless it happens to be rolled again in the future
- after a HP type is rerolled, you must update your stats to reflect the new HP type
- don't start a battle if you haven't updated your stats with a reroll
- don't reroll the HP of a Pokemon if it is in a battle
- only officials and higher authority members are able to reroll HP types
- rerolls should be witnessed by 2 people other than the roller
- reroll results should be posted in this thread; think of it like The Underground

Please use this list for all rerolls.

1 Bug
2 Dark
3 Dragon
4 Electric
5 Fighting
6 Fire
7 Flying
8 Ghost
9 Grass
10 Ground
11 Ice
12 Poison
13 Psychic
14 Rock
15 Steel
16 Water

Normal is missing because HP Normal does not exist. There is no need to renumber anything to avoid rerolling the same type. Just do another reroll if you land on the same type.

- reroll results should include the customer's name, the Pokemon species, the previous type, the new type, and the 2 witnesses
- all purchases that occur within 336 hours (2 weeks) after this post are valid
- when updating your Hidden Power, remember to follow the new guidelines found here