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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- Week 4 Theme Announced (Week 3 Being Judged)

Username: Grassy_Aggron
Team: Guardian Units of Nations
Entry: Snow Petals
Link: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~
Just a love story, really. Snow causes them to fall in love, and in his final few minutes it begins to snow - the cycle coming fully around. Rikka's favorite flowers were roses - the white one blooming next to Skye after 50+ years was to symbolize her (she's white) and the fact it bloomed after all that time showed her undying love for him (roses are symbolic with love). It wasn't dead.

Darrell kissing his father on the forehead was an act of finality. He had never done that, and with his father passing away, it was closure for both parties.

Also, the vow they made was to live to 100. Skye died on his hundredth birthday. He kept his promise T^T

Oh, and the entire flashback as well as Skye's speech there are no contractions or abbreviations. Skye does not do that :D (This does not account for "Jim's piano" or stuff like that. Possession.

Also, Skye was named after his pelt color, his last name Silvart is a fusion of "Silver" and "Heart" (Gold + Heart didn't sound as good). Rikka was named, I believe, by GallantlyGlaceon years ago, and Labatt is "Lab"and "Rat", albeit a corruption of it.

Darrell means "open", which fits because he is very open about how he feels and his mind. Just like daddy :)

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