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Default Re: Summer 2012 Forum FFA: Turn One

Jellicent has been given no move order. JokesterJesse out with $1000 reward.
Kingdra A has been given no move order. Phantom Kat out with $1000 reward.
Venusaur uses Growth.
Starmie A uses Substitute.
Starmie B uses Substitute.
Serperior uses Substitute.
Gengar uses Destiny Bond.
Infernape A uses Substitute.
Infernape B uses Substitute.
Mismagius uses Toxic on Cradily B, hits.
Scyther uses Swords Dance.
Garchomp uses Fire Fang on Venusaur, hits, no burn.
Ninetales uses Flamethrower on Magnezone, no burn.
Raichu uses Substitute.
Hydreigon uses Dragon Rush on Blaziken B, misses.
Sigilyph uses Substitute.
Arcanine A uses Substitute.
Arcanine B uses Substitute.
Gliscor A uses Substitute.
Gliscor B uses Substitute.
Lucario uses Shadow Claw on Sigilyph, sub breaks.
Mr Mime uses Substitute.
Excadrill uses Substitute.
Kingdra B uses Substitute.
Blaziken A uses Substitute.
Blaziken B uses Flamethrower on Metagross A, KOs. Mubz out with $1000 reward.
Gallade uses Substitute.
Gardevoir A uses Skill Swap on Litwick. Swaps Drought for Flash Fire.
Gardevoir B uses Psychic on Blaziken B, no drop.
Gardevoir C uses Substitute.
Gardevoir D uses Substitute.
Togekiss A uses Substitute.
Togekiss B uses Substitute.
Togekiss C uses Substitute.
Feraligatr A uses Substitute.
Feraligatr B uses Substitute.
Metagross B uses Substitute.
Houndour uses Smog on Starmie A, sub holds.
Walrein uses Substitute.
Empoleon A uses Substitute.
Empoleon B uses Substitute.
Magnezone tries to use Substitute, but it doesn't have the energy.
Cradily A uses Substitute.
Cradily B uses Barrier.
Litwick uses Calm Mind.
Dusknoir uses Trick Room.
Cradily takes Toxic damage.
Speed Boost activates on Blaziken A and Blaziken B.
45 of 48 Pokemon remaining.

Venusaur [518] 43.95%, ATK+2, SATK+2
Blaziken A [388] 75%, SUB, SPD+1
Blaziken B [388] 15.38%, SPD+1
Starmie A [329] 75%, SUB
Starmie B [329] 75%, SUB
Serperior [325] 75%, SUB
Gengar [319] 100%
Infernape A [315] 75%, SUB
Infernape B [315] 75%, SUB
Mismagius [309] 100%
Scyther [309] 100%, ATK+2
Garchomp [303] 100%
Ninetales [299] 100%
Raichu [299] 75%, SUB
Hydreigon [295] 100%
Sigilyph [293] 75%
Arcanine A [289] 75%, SUB
Arcanine B [289] 75%, SUB
Gliscor A [289] 75%, SUB
Gliscor B [289] 75%, SUB
Lucario [279] 100%
Mr. Mime [279] 75%, SUB
Porygon-Z [279] 75%, SUB
Excadrill [275] 75%, SUB
Kingdra B [269] 75%, SUB
Gallade [259] 75%, SUB
Gardevoir A [259] 100%, {Flash Fire}
Gardevoir B [259] 100%, {Serene Grace}
Gardevoir C [259] 75%, SUB
Gardevoir D [259] 75%, SUB, {Flash Fire}
Togekiss A [259] 75%, SUB
Togekiss B [259] 75%, SUB
Togekiss C [259] 75%, SUB
Feraligatr A [255] 75%, SUB
Feralgatr B [255] 75%, SUB
Metagross B [239] 75%, SUB
Houndour [229] 100%
Walrein [229] 75%, SUB
Empoleon A [219] 75%, SUB
Empoleon B [219] 75%, SUB
Magnezone [219] 9.30%
Dusknoir [189] 100%
Cradily A [185] 75%, SUB
Cradily B [185] 93.75%, TOX-1, DEF+2
Litwick [139] 100%, SATK+1, SDEF+1, {Drought}


Okay, like usual, please send within 48 hours of this post and inform me of any mistakes via PM. The delay was because PE2K was down for a little while. Finally, because this will probably go for a while, you can add your prize money to your stats as soon as you are knocked out.

Edit log:
Fixed Gengar move.
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