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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Originally Posted by LS the Door Mat View Post
I am so sorry, but I am going to have to strongly DISAGREE. I can't believe someone on this forum is actually for Capital Punishment. It's surprising really.

Let me lay a scenario down for you(completely fictional one)

A man is caught after killing 9 people, injuring many others and laying chaos everywhere. This man, should just be sentanced to death instead of making him pay for what he has done? I think death is too simple of a solution, because let's think. What happens after you die? Nothing, or we don't know.

Why let him take the easy way out and just kill him when you can have him suffer and pay for the lives he has affected in a jail cell somewhere?

And to be honest, I think Capital Punishment is only enforced so that the government can silence anyone they want.

This is a debate section, where is the fun if people arnt willing to look at both sides?

Your suggestion would be to throw this man in jail for the rest of his life. You think that tax payers should be responsible from keeping this man well feed and safe for the rest of his life?? How is that fair for anyone.

Of course I want this guy gone, so there can never be a chance from him to harm someone again.

You know people in prison get treated better than homeless people right. I dont see you or anyone else running out and handing a huge percentage of your earnings to feeding them and making sure there safe in doors. Murder is the worst excuse to cover ones on conscience for ignoring everything else around them.

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