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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

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"...No system of justice can produce results which are 100% certain all the time. Mistakes will be made in any system which relies upon human testimony for proof." Steven D. Stewart, JD. This statement was made in defense of Capital Punishment.

Most people hear the words Capital Punishment and shutter. The idea of the government taking someones life seems illogical. I mean we as a society have grown passed that. Right? The biggest argument against it, besides the "we shouldn't play god this is wrong argument" is that in most studies taken about the success of Capital Punishment show that States that do not have the Death Penalty have a lower Crime Rate.. How can that be ? Well some believe it all comes down to the amount of money it takes to go through with the death penalty. They would suggest that the money wasted in killing could be used in community programs to help. No one can dispute the the studies, but one could question the studies. These studies compare 15 (non death penalty) States to 35 (death penatly) states. To make matters worse, eight out of those 15 are ranked at the very high among the least populated states.

So lets say you go into a class with 10 people, the teacher in the room has abolished yelling in the class room. Instead she has chosen to ask her kids nicely and for the most part it has shown good results. Now you walk across the hall and find yourself in a huge classroom with 300 plus student. This classroom is very loud, the teacher has been forced to shout to get everyone attention. Asking politely has not helped at all. She has been forced to shout and punish bad students to try to make an example.

To compare these two classrooms to each other would be foolish. So next you scroll over to the ranking of states based on poverty. We find 7 out the 15 stats are in the top 15 of lowest poverty rates. In fact, we find only 2 of these (non death penalty states) in the lowest bracket.

So lets look at this again. Are charts show that crime rates are still higher in death penalty states...but does this number really mean anything when overall population and poverty ratings are not added into the mix.

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