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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Diana walked down the darkened streets of Fells Church all alone, the only sound being the leaves that swayed back and forth from the calm breeze. Mason lives in the next town over in his own apartment, being about a half hour walk. Normally she would just call Mason to come pick her up since it was impossible for her to take her car right now due to it being back at her burning house, but Diana wanted to walk the whole way to clear her mind; luckily Diana was going in the opposite direction from her house.

After walking about a half hour she finally reached Mason's apartment in the next town, the curly haired brunette knocking on the door. A few moments later footsteps could be heard walking towards the door, the knob turning as the door opened to reveal a shirtless Mason in just a pair of ruby red basketball shorts.

"Diana?" Mason was obviously shocked and surprised to see his best friend at his doorstep without her car being in the parking lot. "Where's your car? Did you actually walk here?" Mason asked.

"I walked..." Diana answered in a shaky voice with a lump in her throat, the Werewolf clearly seeing Diana trying her best to fight off tears.

"Here, come inside. It's a bit cold out here." Mason said, stepping aside as Diana entered his apartment. Once Mason closed and locked the door he turned back towards Diana, her body slightly shaking.

"I don't have a home anymore, Mason." Diana said as she looked at him, the tears escaping her eyes.

"Did... did your parents kick you out? But where's your car?" Mason asked, still very confused.

"My house burnt down... my dad and little brother are dead." Diana finally let her emotions show as she collapsed to her knees and started crying, bringing Mason to quickly kneel down and wrap his strong arms around Diana.

"I'm here, Diana." Mason whispered as Diana cried into his chest, the two staying like that for a long time. Once Mason was able to calm Diana down the two sat on the couch together wrapped in the same blanket, a cup of warm herbal tea in their hands.

"There's so much I have to tell you." Diana said, looking over to Mason, their arms and shoulders touching. Diana then explained everything to Mason that she knew, explaining every little detail, even the parts with Damon. Mason was easily able to keep it off of his face, but it pained him that Diana and Damon were together, though he wasn't going to bring it up; for now.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" Mason asked.

"If it's not a bother to you. It's just... when I found out what Damon did to Ashley's mother's sister, I couldn't be in the same room as him anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do." Diana said with a sigh.

"Let that be tomorrow's problem." Mason said with a small smile, to which Diana returned and nodded. "Where is your mom going to stay though? Do you want to call her and ask if she wants to stay here as well?"

"Yeah but I'll text her." Diana said, taking out her phone and texting Bonnie.

"You can stay here as long as you want." Mason said as Diana gave a light laugh.

"I'm probably gonna take you up on that." Diana said, giving out a yawn.

"You can sleep in my bed while I take the couch." Mason said, standing up and putting the emptied teacups in the sink.

"I couldn't do that. I'm perfectly fine sleeping on the couch." Diana said as she walked into the kitchen with Mason.

"It's not an negotiable matter, Diana. You're sleeping in my bed." Mason laughed as Diana sighed. "Are you hungry?"

"Nope, just tired." Diana yawned again. She checked her phone and saw her mother's reply, saying that she was going to be staying at the Salvatore Boardinghouse tonight, to which Diana told Mason.

Diana knew that Mason's bed was easily big enough for the two of them, bringing her to look down at the floor. "Mason... could you stay with me until I fall asleep? With everything that happened... I just don't want to be alone right now." Mason looked at Diana in slight shock, though he certainly understood how she was feeling. Only two years ago Mason's parents and two sisters died in a plane crash while Mason barely survived, his Werewolf gene actually protecting him. He knew the kind of pain Diana was going through right now.

"Of course I will." Mason said, the two walking into his bedroom and laying down on his bed. Diana rested her head on Mason's chest while the Werewolf once again wrapped his strong arms around her securely. Diana lightly cried until she finally fell asleep, and when Mason knew the young Witch was unconscious, he closed his own eyes and fell asleep as well.

“So, will the matter be settled with this?” Kiseki asked as Ichiru scooped Scarlet up into his arms when she started to run by him, bringing her to giggle as Ichiru tickled her.

“They don’t seem like the type to just give up though…” Ichiru said as he put Scarlet back down, the toddler running back towards her sister.

“Yeah… since when have our problems ever stopped after only twenty-four hours?” Kiseki joked. There was another silence however that filled the room, to which Klaus simply walked over to the window.

"I just want to be alive again." Klaus said with a small growl, seeing the older Abigail return to the house.

"Good. You guys made it back here safely." Abigail said as she looked at Aiden and Kotomi.

"How did you even get them back here?" Klaus asked, bringing the Vampire to look at him.

"I convinced Finn. That poor man is still obsessing over me. I thought that after all this time he would had just let me go." Abigail responded coolly, not revealing her true plan to Klaus. Klaus seemed to believe her words, bringing him to smirk.

"Well my brother was trapped in a coffin for centuries until recently." Klaus shrugged, leaving the house. Abigail didn't want to reveal her true plan yet to the group since she knew it would be too risky, deciding to just keep everything to herself for now.

"Do you want to start going and get a nice room to stay at?" Abigail asked as she looked over to Meredith, who nodded and walked towards the door, though she stopped and turned towards the group.

"We'll be in touch." Meredith said, the two women then leaving.

"Returning to Fells Church was the biggest mistake we've made." Ashley said, standing up and motioning her children up the stairs for bed. After about a half hour passed with light conversation with everyone Bonnie's phone received a text message, revealing Diana was safe and with Mason.

"Diana is staying at Mason's apartment tonight." Bonnie said, to which Damon just gave her a look. "It's fine, Damon." Bonnie said, to which Damon sighed.

"I'll sleep on the other couch while you take my bed." Damon said to Bonnie.

"Are you sure?" Bonnie asked, to which Damon nodded.

"I'm gonna go stay with my siblings." Kevin said, walking towards the door.

"Are you sure that's a good idea though?" Caroline asked.

"It might not be safe." Lexi added.

"I'll be fine." Kevin gave a light laugh. "Someone needs to watch over them." With that, Kevin exited the house.

"We'll I'm gonna start going to bed." Ashley said, giving Ichiru a light kiss before disappearing up the stairs. Most of the group went to bed as well, bringing Damon to lay down on the other couch and watched as Kotomi kissed Aiden goodnight, then disappeared into her own room.

"If you break her heart then I will kill you." Damon said as he looked at Aiden, half joking, half serious.
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