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Default Re: What are you going to name yourself and your rival in BW2?

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
I use to name my rivals after my roommate since we use always fight about pokemon. Im not sure he will be getting b/w 2 so ill have to think of something new. I might go with one of the random trainers ive battled on here, like Dark Knuckles ( and old friend). As for myself, im thinking Max will do fine for this game.
I see what you did there sir... LOL.

I actually have a Japanese copy of white 2 right now that I'm nuzlocking my first playthrough through. Trainer name Knux rival name Reece (real life pokemon rival) (Dredd) you know him by Antik.

Since this for when the American version comes out, ill probably stick with the same trainer name Knux.. might change up the rival name however
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