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Default Aqua on action replay

Action replay, two words that cause a lot of fuss 2 words that even cost me my position as a moderator. Action replay for some odd reason seems to stir a lot of emotions with people, especially people who don't have it, who often see it as down right cheating full stop! Yes action replay can give a massive advantage to peopl with out one, but it's this same advantage why action replay isn't such the big bad cheating thing people make it out to be.

But before I go into this lets talk about action replay a little for those who don't fully understand what it is. Action reply is a cheat device not gonna lie that what it's called, it's a small cartiage for any ds console that allows one ti manipulate a game throught he use of codes, for example you can can infinite health or money ect. you just type in or copy and paste the code in your computer file and then transfer it via the cable to the action replay, bellow is the kit you get with an action replay.

Now your probably wondering wow, how can anyone think thats not cheating and quite frankly thats understandible you are bypassing the normal laws of the game to get something quickly but here lies the whole presmise of action replay for responsible action replay users. Lets use pokemon as example, breeding takes time getting the right ivs eve training takes up a huge amount of time normally and with action replay you can fast hatch eggs insert ivs and addd in eves in the blink of an eye, but in the end you have done nothing you could not have done with out action replay, what you have achieved is saving time for something that was perfectly possible in the first place, action replay should not be would wonder tombs or illegal hacks it should merly be a way to save time better spent on other activities, a lot of thing's in gamming take a lot of time and if you don't have that time action replay. We should not see action replay as a form of cheating we should accept it as the tool it is for speeding up the process of our gamming adventures, so long as you stick with in the boundaries of whats possible ingame then there is no real reason to fear action reply or consider it cheating and at the end of the day tools are meant to be used for the greater good and here action replay will help you save time which you might not have otherwise.
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