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Default Re: Individual RP: Akdude


Ranger Chainy

OOC: Now it's MY turn to apologise for the long delay xD Exams and so forth, you won't have to endure a delay this long again, I promise.


"You think this is funny?" the Trainer demanded.

I really wanted to nod and tell him I did, but as an Elite Ranger a little more decorum would be appropriate. Instead, I assumed an innocent expression with my eyebrows raised and told him not at all. He let that one go as he commanded his Espeon and Umbreon to get into battle formation. My eyebrows began to drop - surely this Trainer had read the information pamphlet before arriving?

"Umbreon, Espeon - criss-cross agility!" he called out.

I assumed that that was a code-named attack, seeing as neither Umbreon nor Espeon could learn Agility, and I was right. Both of the Pokemon started running quickly towards Krabby, and I realised that maybe the Trainer really did intend to attack with both of his Pokemon at the same time. Unfortunately, that was against the rules. I reached out for my Gallade through our telepathic connection, but he was faster than me.

<I'm already on it,> he replied.

There was a blue flash, and Dual materialised right in front of the Umbreon. He held his hand out, and instinctively the Dark-type threw on the brakes. The Espeon continued, and it headbutted the Krabby, sending the Water-type flying. The crab squawked as it flew through the air, and it landed heavily in the grass. The bubbles foamed up around its mouth and it waved its claws angrily through the air.

"I'm sorry, but all battles in the National Park are one-on-one, unless a Ranger says otherwise," I explained to the Trainer. "You'll have to battle with just one of your Pokemon."


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Roark
Location: The Great Lakes
Area Effects: 14 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encoutered: ??? Krabby(?)
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 4794 / 9000

Pokemon Statistics:

Jolly Female Umbreon 100% (TM Toxic, TM Shadow Ball, BM Wish <Synchronise Ability>)

Serious Female Espeon 100% (TM Toxic, TM Shadow Ball, TM Calm Mind <Synchronise Ability>)

Item Statistics:

1x Park Ball
1x Super Ball
1x Hyper Ball

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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