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Default Re: Summer 2012 Forum FFA Signup & Discussion

Okay, the first turn is up, which mean no more signups, and if you haven't sent your Pokemon yet, I'm sorry, but time is up :(

Obviously I'm going to make mistakes, in fact I've already made one (*blush*) but I'm going to keep an edit log of edits I make in each post. It's every participant's responsibility to check for these posts and to resend moves if necessary. I'm going to go lax on the move change limits in all probability, so don't freak too much about it.

Otherwise, you now have less than 48 hours to send you move, so get to it. PM is best, but IM is fine if I'm online.

Finally, if you don't know which Pokemon you are, log into AIM before asking me - some of you I IMed instead of PMed because it was easier. Sue me. =P
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