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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase! **PLEASE post! Critique others' work and post your ow

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Hm...there is something weird about the Totodile's mouth to me..almost as if the teeth jut out too much or something. Also, it looks like the spines on the back are too flat. I believe on the actual sprite they have a black outline and a few white dots to indicate highlights. Also, the linework looks a bit too flat in some places, though that could be the sprite to begin with.

As for the Typholsion, it's alright! But there are a few lines there! When making a lineless, recolor ALL THE LINES with the color that touches it. For example, the arm would be completely invisible because it would blend with the light tan on the stomach, but that's what a lineless it! I'm not sure how to explain it without making one of my here it is to help you!

See how all the dark lines are gone? All the outline colors should disappear from the sprite and be replaced by the base, shade, and highlight colors. I hope that helped a bit!!

Anyone want to offer some CC on this custom spritedex entry?

Everything except the letters and numbers was handmade by me (letters from sprites on spriter's resource).
I totally see what you mean on the lineless. I'll try again sometime tonight or tomorrow and then post it here!

Yeah, that right tooth was like that. XD

And nice scratch! :O
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