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Default Re: King of the Hill

You're a Troll (You've said so yourself), so YOUR Argument is invalid by the very nature of a Troll. However, you've made me wish to flex my mental prowess against you, so I shall.

To start, the Machamp. I gave it Swagger (+2 Attack Mod) and it's BELTLESS. Keep in mind, Beltess Machoke (The Pre-Evolution) HAVE to wear the belt to keep their strength under control, but if they drop it, they're pretty much the ultimate juggernauts of death. Same applies for the evolution, only even more so...So that's not far-fetched.

On the other point, you haven't even gotten my Mages unconsious to begin with, just knocked them down, so saying they can't do it unconsious is just a good note for me. :D I also am not occupied with a Graveler/Geodude, and as I am a Mage (Well, Magic Knight, but it's pretty similar, so who cares), that Machamp is still quite hypnotized.

So your argument is proven theroughly invalid. Do NOT mess with a Rules Lawyer, you have been therougly bested and the hill remians mine.
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