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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase! **PLEASE post! Critique others' work and post your ow

Originally Posted by larvitard27 View Post
so i was talking to my friend brandon who's also a pokemon fan, and he said that if celebi traveled through time, what did the future or evolved form of celebi look like. so i made it:Celebliss
Hmm...I think the head looks very unnatural on the body. It may have to do with the shading of the body (the lighter shade looks weird, maybe reshade the outline?) or just the shape of the head. The wings also look wonky, because when you think about it, if that's what he looked like, then his wings would practically be on his right shoulder only and not the center of his back.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Mew Devamp. I left purposeful holes in the outlining to make it look older. :o
I can't figure out what bothers me for this. I think it may be the eyes, since they still look relatively modern. try using a paler shade, because after all, the older games couldn't make very vibrant colors. Same with the pink, go for a paler shade. Not just that, but remember the outline isn't fully black. It uses the darkest shade, too. And don't forget the dotted shading technique ^^

By the way guys don't forget the critique rule /)v(\ I know I'm practically crit-ing everything, but still.
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