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Default Weather Wars: Attack of the Yeti

abamasnow has always been an odd ball, his typing sucks and rocks at the same time, speaking of rocks he hates them especially the big nasty pointy kind that sap him of 25% of his health when he switches in. While his typing granting his beautiful ressistances to water, ground, grass and electric, it also makes him weak to fire 4X, steel, rock, bug, fighting and of less importance flying and poison. what makes the yeti unique despite his mediocre stats and mixed typing is he is the sole user of snow warning and that automatically gives him a niche and as an added bonus his offensive and defensive move pools are awseome, able to spam 100% accurate stab blizzards to make up for his lack luster offenses. Sadly hail is the weakest weather type, not only has it got the fewest advanatges as weather, lack of abilities which take advantage of it, no moves it gives extra stab to and it hurts everythign thats not ice, pokemon that can abuse it are equally as lack luster, mainly consiting of ice types such as kyruem and frosslass who are banished from ou for their ice type on it's own even!
But as ou has progress the presidential yeti obamasnow has risen from the depths to join the weather wars, as more and more people see hail as there answer to weather this mighty yet answers the call by bringing eternal wintry weather to the field.
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