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Default Weather Wars: The Phantom Toad

Welcome to the first of the weather discussion threads. Weather has become by far the most dominate force in the metagame today and we have 7 weather starters, 2 of which are not fully evolved and the 5 fully evolved starters are all ou currently.

Oh politoed, behind that cute little smiley face lies the beating heart of a monster, never before has a pokemon so drastically shaped a metagame as you. Politoed in the past has been the epitome of mediocrity, he has got a great move pool consisting of moves such as hypnosis, perish song and encore, but his stats are sub par each unimpressive and below average at best leaving politoad outclassed by 99% of water types, everything politoed could do could have been done better in one form or another. Come 5th Gen politoed got kyogres ability drizzle and his life would change forever. Drizzle is fantastic ability a wide varity of pokemon can take advantage of, keldeo turns into a monster firing off stab hydropumps from a staggering base 129 attack, scizor reduces his sole weakness to fire to 2x and jirachi amongst others can enjoy 100% accurate thunders likely spreading paralysis and serious pain to anyone not immune. Politoed previously outclassed has now found himself a niche as the sole rain starter for teams and while politoed was allways medicore he was by no means bad, so politoed has no trouble in forfilling his role for setting up rain with decent bulk and decent offenses the little toad is more than capible of holding his own and as an extra bonus his ability servers to booster this normally mediocre
offences by boosting his stab water moves to even greater levels.

Sadly everything is not sun shine and rainbows for politoed, rain was so broken swift swim and drizzle were banned on the same team, his would be main niche for setting up swift swimmers is gone and worst of all while politoed is no longer the hapless pokemon it once was if any other water type got drizzle instead he would be lost and forgotten as his own ability is often seen as worth more than his own existence.
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