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Default Re: Game Idea Development (GID)

I'm a ref at ASB but I don't see the need for a ref cause I was just thinking that if two Pokemon were battling any writer could faint it at anytime. Doing the whole reffing thing usually means that Charmander is probably going to beat Bulbasaur. By letting the writer decide what he wants only means Charmander has the advantage but Bulbasaur has the chance to think of some kind of strategy to avoid the fire attacks. Prehaps Bulbasaur uses its vine whip to tie Charmanders mouth shut. The tables could shift at any moment. It could look like Bulbasaur is going to pull off an impressive victory over Charmander and then one fell swoop costs Bulbasaur to be lit ablaze and the upset everyone was reading about came to an end. There are so many different ways one could steer the battle. I know this example will be totally lame but typically in the games and such certain Pokemon will beat each other. Such as Onix and Pikachu. However, in the anime, the second battle between Ash and Brock, Ash had super charged his Pikachu with enough voltage that it was able to shock Onix. As lame as that was, it was something that is no where near what one could do with the ASB. There are many other examples such as Squirtle over coming Starmie and its Thunderbolt. How did Squirtle beat it? Hydro Pump. Pikachu overcame Raichu. I really hate Pikachu but it also overcame Dragonite. Bayleef overcame Houndoom. Most of this stuff just isn't possible with the ASB. The stats are much closer so it does give weaker Pokemon some kind of chance against much stronger Pokemon, but in ASB Dragonite is probably going to own Pikachu. Not too mention the energy costs which weaker Pokemon suffer from heavier costs with stronger moves.
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