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Default Re: Game Idea Development (GID)

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
Yes, very much like that. It wouldn't necessarily have to be a lengthy post but atleast something so that readers would be into whats happening.

I was aiming for a more a more anime style battling similar to what we do in ASB. We describe the attack and such. The trainer could call out an attack if they wanted or I suppose the battle could be written as if just watching the two pokemon battle. As far as how much damage, it would be up to the writer. Again, similar to Anime, it wouldn't consist of how much damage you do. If Charmander were to attack with Ember against Bulbasaur, the writer could say things like how the attack singed(spelling) Bulbasaurs bulb. Or prehaps they could make Bulbasaur dodge the attack using its Vine Whip to thrust itself into the air. It would be totally up to the writer. The writer could choose to make his portion of the battle a close battle, blow for blow, or one sided with one Pokemon literally dominating the opponent. And Rumble Battle isn't half bad. Its sure better than mine :P
Something like, "Jolteon used Agility to run up into a tree to dodge Earthquake, then came back down and used Hidden Power. Stunfisk was badly damaged, but able to fight!" Maybe where a poster gets one move on one Pokemon each post?
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