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Default Re: The Unreal Judge of the Dark Shadows Lord Dredd's Art

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
I think the Krabby looks awesome - it's getting ready to kick some @$$!

I think that the Mankey looks a little, I dunno, passive? Aren't they supposed be really aggressive? Don't get me wrong, I think it looks awesome and ready to face the attack that the Krabby is gonna throw at it - but I think it would have looked better if it was, you know, really angry. You know, add the stress marks to it's head, furrow the eyes a bit more etc. Maybe make it take a more cautious stance? As if it's going to dodge the attack and kick it in the shell (pun? :L).

Still, Boss, it looks awesome. The colouring, the way the rain drips off from their bodies and the style of your drawing - amazing! I wanna see more :3

(On an off-topic note, because of your interview I now read your posts with your voice! I feel like a stalker... xD)


I was working with limited colors here. Also the reason Mankey looks like that is because its out of its element. I had thought of a mankey lost on a beach. Its soaking wet and trying to find its way home..the poor guy keeps running into more Krabby. Really i just wanted to portray it as soaking wet and tired.

Hey we have something in common I hear my voice when I write the words..LOL

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