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Default Re: Game Idea Development (GID)

Okay, from looking at it, it seems like a game that would be focused on the ASB refs, because it would involve sort of an RP-like description, like in the battles. First, let's work on the name. Let's call it... Rumble Battle, for now. We'll finish the title later. And we'll make sure it doesn't get as simple and boring like the example you don't want. I think the turnstile would be like "Charmander, use Ember and try to hit Bulbasaur!" Then, "Okay, Bulbasaur, use your Vine Whip to dodge the attack!" That would work out, right? And then, what would happen next? Who would determine whether or not the move hits, or how much damage it would do? I suppose we could work on it next.

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