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Default Re: The URPG Times. [A LONG TIME AGO -- 16/07/12]

Pokémon of the Week:
by The Pokémaster.

So coming to you today with Pokemon of the Week, is none other than myself, your lovable Pokémaster. Buoysel came to me for help, and I am happy to oblige in bringing you the star of this Times; Meganium! Meganium is the unloved Grass Starter from Generation II, and sadly she cops all the hate that Pokémon fans can dish out. However, if you're one of the dedicated Johto fans or just a Grass Maniac like myself, and you actually own one of these Flowery Pokemon, feel free to claim $1,000!

Overview of Meganium
This Sauropod is often overlooked because of it's meager stats, not specialising in anything, and having almost no coverage. However, she does boast above average attacking stats, and a respectable bulk, along with average speed, so she can keep up with a lot of commmon competitiors.

HP: 364
Attack: 263
Defense: 299
Sp.Attack: 265
Sp.Defense: 299
Speed: 259

Her attacking stats, while not being anywhere near ideal, can still let dish out a hit or two, and her bulk will also let her take a hit or two. In most circumstances though, her movepool makes her a Pokémon that you would not want to use, and is outclassed by bulkier Pokémon like Venusaur. She does have a limited use as a bulky staller, but for that reason alone, she is overlooked, but she fits a very nice niche as a Supporter or Cleric in a Double or Triple battle.

Her Abilities, unfortunately, drag her down as well;
Ability: Overgrow: Raises the power of Grass-type moves 1.5x when at 1/3 HP or less.
Dream World Ability: Leaf Guard: Prevents status effects in sun.

Overgrow, while being useful in certain situations, Meganium is still has relatively bad offensive stats, and the only powerful Grass moves she has that are worth using are Petal Dance and Frenzy Plant, which are unreliable in Double/Triple Battles and have heavy drawbacks. She also has SolarBeam, but the two turn charge-up isn't worth it. In single battles though, Petal Dance can still be used to get in a power last hit, same with Frenzy Plant, or combine Overgrow with Giga Drain to heal up considerably. Leaf Guard could be used to give her an immunity to status, but in sun, she is outclassed by Leafeon and most Chlorophyll users. However, she does pack both Earthquake and Bulldoze, which is something some other grass types can't utilise.

Meganium get the following moves through Leveling Up;
Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, PoisonPowder, Synthesis, Reflect, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Petal Dance, Sweet Scent, Light Screen, Body Slam, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, SolarBeam. She also gets a myriad of moves through EMs, but I will list the ones you should focus on getting.

TMs: Curse, Toxic, Protect, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Energy Ball, Swords Dance, Captivate, Grass Knot, Substitute, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail
BMs: Counter, Heal Pulse, Leech Seed, Nature Power
MTs: Magic Coat, Worry Seed, Frenzy Plant

So, as I mentioned, Meganium's two main uses is a bulky stall, and a bulky support in Double/Triple battles. By level up, she learns the dual screens, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, and Synthesis. This gives her access to a full range of quick defense buffing, and healing. Combined with the Poison Powder she gets level up, and Toxic that she learns from TM, she makes a great staller, utilising all of these tools with her considerable bulk. Leech Seed is also a recommended move for a stalling Meganium, providing extra damage on top of Toxic, and healing at the same time. Substitute and Protect are great moves for helping Meganium to prolong her stall, and Dragon Tail can be used to force out anything that might be able to seriously hurt or out-stall her. A well timed Magic Coat can be used to deflect a Taunt or Encore aimed at Meganium, and keep Meganium alive while crippling her opponent.

The only main drawback to Meganium's stall tactic is her lack of defense boosting moves outside of dual screens. She learns Curse, but that isn't the most reliable of moves. She is also susceptible to a well timed Encore, and an early Taunt shuts her down and renders her a lot less useful. Since her only counter to these moves is Magic Coat, if you can catch her offguard, then you can easily get the advantage. Brick Break is also a common move carried by many Pokémon, and will remove both of Meganium's screens if used against her, so that is something else to watch out for.

Meganium is theoretically a powerful supporter for Double and Triple Battles, but then again, Double Battle are rare and Triple Battles are just yuck. However, Meganium can utilise her dual screens to boost up the defences of everyone on her team. She can use both Safeguard and Aromatherapy to keep her team safe of status, and combine Synthesis and Heal Pulse to heal herself and her team. If you have the right team-mate, (i.e. a Flying Pokémon, or one with Levitate) then Earthquake is a powerful move at her disposal, which can be powered up with Swords Dance. Dragon Tail is a great phazing move, and Bulldoze can be used to lower an opponent's speed, while keeping the offensive pressure up. Counter is a good option for inflicting heavy damage quickly, and works well with Meganium's bulk.

Ideally, a good partner to work with Meganium is a powerful attacker, that could benefit from defensive support. Staraptor is a suggestion, having immunity to Earthquake, and being able to inflict heavy damage with Reckless Brave Bird/Double-Edge while Meganium heals the recoil damage. She can heal both Paralyse and Burn, which are both very crippling to Staraptor, and her dual screens are also able to compensate for the stat loss from Staraptor's Close Combat.

Meganium's shortcomings when it comes to double battles are her lack of coverage and being able to deal good damage quickly. Double battles can sometimes rely on both of your Pokémon hitting one of theirs quickly for an easier KO, and Meganium often can't deal the damage needed. She also takes a good few turns to set up, and if she isn't able to set up properly, both her and her partner are susceptible to being easy KO targets.

Obtaining one
The best method of obtaining a Meganium is through purchasing a Chikorita from the Pokémart. It will cost $8,000 and needs a total of ten battles to evolve into a Meganium. Chikorita is a Hard ranked Pokémon if you want to write for one, and Meganium is Demanding. In the National Park, Chikorita is a Borderline Pokemon, and Meganium is a rare. Therefore, I highly recommend simply buying one if you wish to obtain one.

Final Verdict
Ideally, experienced battlers with money to spend on EMs will have better options available to them for stalling and team support. However, for newer members, Meganium is a perfect choice as she comes with most of the general moves she needs Level Up, and doesn't need money to be spent for her to be used. She is still a good team-mate in Double battles, however, I do not recommend using her in more important battles.


Target of the Week:
by Fossil Fusion.
Editor's sidenote: Buoysel isn't responsible for any injuries caused by bad grammar or general inability to read this. GO BLAME CHRIS.

Target Week: time a random active trainer is selected and the first 3 people to beat them earn a special prize! URPGers have to beat them before the time runs out (the time runs out once the next issue is up, usually). If somebody loses to the Target Week trainer, they cannot rechallenge.

For the third issue of Target Week, there will be only one Target and this could involve beating them in Battles with Special Rules or B/W Contests, etc. Activity is key. If the Target disappears for unknown reasons, a new Target will be selected.

Payments for reffing/judging are as $2000 for refs and $3000 for judges per Battle/Contest. They get paid in the next URPG Times. All logs should be posted in the current URPG Times thread!

Defeat the Target: $2000
Lose to the Target: $1000
Target Wins: $2000
Target Loses: $2000

So these past couple of weeks, I decided to force Mubz into some strange Trovita like rules. He did pretty well, however nobody noticed that he was like using the same team every time. He won 3 battles, and lost 2! Let’s take a look at who he crushed!

Blazemaster got beaten in the first 2 rounds of the 3.
Akdude got beat down by Mubz as well.
Mubz also beat down Ebail!

However, I reffed Krummhorn vs. Mubz. It was a strange battle with weird matchups from Krum. What else do we expect from this madman?

Mubz - Infernape | Dragonite | Porygon-Z
Krumhorn - Yanmega | Crustle | Politoed

If I remember correctly, mubz’ Pokemon were running Choice Items, and lacking a certain move. It came down to Porygon Z and Politoed. It was hard to do Choice vs Choice in Rain. Lacking Thunder cost him. Congrats to Krummhorn for the win. Then there was Ash K who also won, apparently it took two hours, enough said about that. Congrats Ash for winning too.

Here are your prizes! Oh, look: it’s a special digging pass to the Underground. [MENTION=36631]Ash K.[/MENTION]; [MENTION=49073]Krummhorn[/MENTION]; claim here for your free Underground dig. Just go to the underground and quote the Times for your Dig. You have two weeks to use this dig before it expires. Enjoy!

Here are the Ref Wages for this Target Week:

[MENTION=49073]Krummhorn[/MENTION];: 4000
[MENTION=33944]Buoy[/MENTION];: 2000
Fossil Fusion: 2000
[MENTION=43397]WinterVines[/MENTION];: 2000


It's a guy known as…

The pokemaster
AIM: darkdrakk

He wanted to be beaten up, so go find this target and beat him up. This weeks rules are the following.

Rules: Let’s see how risky you can be!
1 v 1
Helds Yes/No
No Weather
Referees get $1000 for this, and the winner gets $2000, and the loser gets $1000

This week you must be fearless and go it alone with 1 Pokemon! Do you have what it takes to beat someone with a type advantage or not? Go beat this Target!

First 3 people to defeat the Target Week this week with these rules will receive a special prize for being fearless. Got what it takes? Then Go!

Remember to log here, refs! Enjoy and get dat target!


Closing comment(s):
by Buoy.
That's it for another issue of the URPG Times. I hope you've all had fun and stuff. I'd say something inspirational, but I'm not hipster (though I was practising being hipster last night) or in good health at this present moment in time.

~ Buoy.
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