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Default Re: Game Idea Development (GID)

This is very very beta at the moment and most of this I have no idea, the idea just needs some direction.

Title of the Game:Battles for everyone? Pokemon battles RP game? I honestly have no idea what to name it. Maybe we could let people put in ideas for a title and who ever has the best title gets to pick the first two pokemon that battle.

Brief Summary of your Game: Well Typhlosion Explosion saw my thread but its basically people taking turns to write a battle for the two trainers. I'm sure we could do something about who the trainers are or something. One could pick the arena for the battle as well. It could be a forest, a field, under water, or floating in the air. Then the first person writes up how the beginning of the battle goes. My original idea was that anyone at any time could knock any Pokemon out but I was thinking of maybe a Pokemon must be in for two or three write ups before it can be knocked up, so that we have something to read. When a Pokemon faints, I thought maybe that person would end the turn, leaving the next person to pick a Pokemon to battle and begins with another write up. Or the person who faints it can select it. As far as the write up goes, I would hope there could be a couple of moves used or any kind of strategy A Pokemon may use. I know some writers are better than others and thats fine. I just hope it wouldn't be like the game where all that is written is:

Squirtle used Water Gun!

Its Super Effective!

Enemy Charmander used Flamethrower!

Its not very effective!

Squirtle was burned!

Thats kind of lame. There is no description. One could be really creative, like describing Squirtles water gun. And the heat from flamethrower and the fire didn't cause severe damage to the blubbery skin on Squirtle. Anyways, I'm just making ideas.

How many Players(If applicable): Anyone and Everyone can participate, one person at a time though.

Parts that you feel need work:THE TITLE! There might need to be a reserve list or something so that people know when they get to post or when their turn is. And just the battle in general. Technically I guess the entire thing needs work xD

Other(Add anything in you feel you need to add): I'm sure we could do double battles eventually but for now Ill just stick with one 'mon at a time.
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