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Default Ultra RPG Promotions: Head Grader and Second-in-Command

Normally we announce leadership changes every few months or so, but in this case we should make an exception.

First off, I'm sad to announce that Scourge of Nemo has handed me her resignation. Real like (aka college) has begun to demand more and more of her attention and as of such, she cannot devote enough time to her URPG duties. Specifically she's resigning as Head Grader and Moderator, staying on as an Official.

I'm glad that she will be remaining around, though she leaves a gap in leadership for one of our oldest and most active sections. As a good person, a great leader, a kind friend, and a wonderful story mistress, Katie will be missed by all. Except when she's here, cause it's not like she's leaving the community.

We are lucky, blessed even, to have at hand someone willing to fill Katie's large shoes. And not only that, but someone with great experience and knowledge of the URPG.

Former URPG Moderator and Head Grader Emma will be stepping up to carry out the duties that Katie previously upheld. (Essentially she'll be Co-Head of Stories with Kat, but prefers the title "Granny"). She has informed me that she will only fill this position temporarily, so I signed her to a three-year contract.

As to her qualifications, Emma is an astounding writer and had previously served as Co-Head of Stories alongside Former Second-in-Command George (Galleon). Additionally, she was a URPG Moderator long before I attained the position (she's that old).

So please join me in thanking Katie for her service and welcoming Emma as the new (old?) URPG Story Granny!

Finally, as you all know, Ataro resigned several months ago from the position of Second due to his own real life demands. Ataro is one of the smartest and most capable people I know and I relied on him heavily during his tenure, just as I relied on the leadership and advice of his predecessors: George and Mike.

During this interim, I've named Kat to fill the position on an acting basis and she kindly accepted. Should something have happened to me in the last few months, I knew that Kat would readily carry the mantle of leadership and lead this community forward. In all honesty, I have relied on her far longer than I should have, so I thank her for putting up with me and holding down the fort.

Please join me in thanking Kat for her service.

I am proud to announce that replacing Ataro and Kat for the position of Second-in-Command is our Head Ref: We Taste Pies (RaptorJesus)!

WTP is one of the most experienced URPGers I know and one of the best battlers likewise. His leadership in the URPG, especially in Battles, is outstanding and he actively works to ensure that members in our community have a system that is fun, fair and interesting. Along with his quick mind, he has a good heart and is willing to not only do what is right, but to help others do the right thing. This is a man not afraid to stand upon his own two-feet and I will be depending on him to advise me on all matters related to leading this community, even (and especially) when I'm wrong.

So please congratulate We Taste Pies as our new Second-in-Command of the Ultra RPG!
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