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Default Re: General Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Yeah, she was pretty awesome. They really only put her in there because of the release of HG/SS, and there wasn't like any gym battles where Lyra cheers Ash on. It would of been nice if she stayed longer. Do you think they might bring her back in the B/W anime?
Yeah, I know it was kinda just a big advertisement for Johto and HGSS. She was a really cool character though. It's a shame she wasn't used for BW instead and then picked to travel with Ash! I like her much better than Iris.

I doubt if we'd be seeing her again, sadly. I'd really like to see more old characters though. There are so many interesting ones, like Duplica and Ritchie. And of course I would like to see Misty come back for a few episodes.
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