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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Eli Conner, Route Two, Clearing
(7,948 Characters, Five Points.
Attempting to catch Nidoran {F}

They weren’t quite in the clear, but whatever they had been in such a hurry to escape from was no longer a pressing concern. The institute was only barely visible; Eli supposed that they had made very good time. But now the group had stalled, one of their leaders, the girl with the golden Charmander, had suggested one course of action, and had made it over a wall of fauna only for Persephone, the Grass Ace trainer to begin a conversation with her. Eli looked at the wall and then pulled down his sleeves to look at his hands. Meister gave him a look, and a flash of understanding passed between them. The only way scrawny little Eli was getting over any obstacle of that size was with considerable help from the Superpower Pokémon. The idea of getting hoisted was not an appealing one for either of them; to Meister it meant making his partner look less capable, and to Eli it meant possibly falling flat on his face after reaching the top. The Machop was sure that there was an easier way and grabbed his trainer’s arm, pulling him to the edge of the wall. Sooner or later, it would have to end, and they could just go around it. As long as the other trainers were still talking, Meister reasoned that they would have plenty of time to catch up with the others.

Eli glanced backward at the group and was relieved. No one was paying much attention to him, save for a quick glance by a girl, Akira. Eli followed his Pokémon, following the wall of vegetation. The whole forest seemed alive with the sounds of life, but before either the Machop or his trainer could really take it in, they reached a steep cliff. Eli looked over the edge, it didn’t look like the fall would cause too much damage, but it would mean that any chance of getting reunited with the group inconspicuously was shot. Luckily, the wall of flora had ended at a thick tree trunk with a mess of roots at its base. There wasn’t much room between the bark and the end of the cliff, but they could hug the tree and make it around and meet up with the others, no sweat.

Meister had made it across quickly, and Eli gulped as he stepped up to the challenge. He pulled his hands back into his sweatshirt and grabbed one of the branches of the tree, pulling himself closer to the massive oak. Even through the yellow fabric, Eli could feel the bark and hoped that he wasn’t getting sticky tree sap on his clothing, well, in addition to hoping that he didn’t lose his grip and fall off a cliff. Looking away from the trunk, Eli saw the steep hill below the cliff and turned away. He was inching along slowly, but surely. Meister caught his eye, and gave him a thumbs up before reaching out for his hand. Eli reached for his partner’s blue palm, but stopped as he felt something moving near his leg. The boy looked down and something blue flash from out of the roots and between his knee. It was tempting to turn around, but Eli was more focused on getting back to good old terra firma.

He shuffled his right foot around the tree and was grabbed by Meister. But as he moved his left foot, Eli heard an angry hiss and looked down to find himself looking at a very angry female Nidoran. It closed its mouth, though its sizable incisors still stuck out and launched itself at the young trainer. Eli felt his foot slip out from under him. Luckily, he had tucked his right foot underneath a root and, with Meister’s help, he was able to keep his balance. But as Eli’s brown eyes met the red ones of the Poison-Pokémon, he knew that he could take that for granted. He scrambled to get away from the cliff before the Nidoran could attack him again. His Machop gave him a hearty pull and Eli felt himself flying briefly before crashing into the grass. He rolled over and sat up to find the wild Pokémon approaching him, ears flattened and whiskers at full attention.

Well, it was time to see if two years of schooling had done any good. This was Eli and Meister’s first real Pokémon battle, one that wasn’t taking place in a totally sanitary and supervised field. Luckily, Eli was keeping his head, unlike he might have with some Pokémon. Being one of the few students who actually read their textbooks cover to cover, multiple times, Eli was able to quickly recall information about the Nidoran species, and females specifically. Their spikes were less prominent then the male species, but their poison was still incredibly deadly. That was horrible. All of Meister’s attacks required physical contact, and each blow would risk getting the Machop poisoned, and this far from Pewter City and unable to go back to Viridian, he would be a goner. That was the risks, Eli now had to think about Meister’s assets. His impressive strength meant that it wouldn’t require as many attacks to take the wild Pokémon out, and his No Guard ability made sure that those attacks would hit. However it also meant that if the Nidoran decided to attack with her poison barbs, there was a high chance of something horrible happening.

Eli thought about the other trainers and all of their special gifts. Just because he didn’t have those kinds of gifts didn’t mean that he was powerless. No, in order to prove himself worthy of a place on this team, Eli had to work for it. The young boy looked at his Machop. The Nidoran was approaching them now, still hissing at the pair. “We’re not going to run, we’re going to fight,” the trainer said. Meister just smiled and stepped in front of his downed trainer. Eli got to his feet and looked backed away so that Meister could do his thing, “Start by focusing your energy, Meister.”

The Machop complied and began to concentrate, feeling the blood flow more freely through his veins and his muscles expand and contract through sheer effort and the clenching of his fists. The Nidoran had closed the gap between herself and this new opponent and leapt at the blue Fighting-type, fangs bared. Eli gave his most honest smile in the past two years; they had dodged the bullet of a poison attack. Both trainer and Pokémon knew that the attack would hit, but what was important was to make sure that it hit where was most advantageous to them. “Kick her!” Eli shouted, and his Pokémon complied. A blue foot shot out and met the Nidoran’s open mouth. Meister grunted as the sharp teeth dug into his skin and then launched the rabbit-like Pokémon into the air. The kick wouldn’t do much damage, but the fall could be grievous, and then they would be in an ideal position to end this battle once and for all. Eli watched the Nidoran’s descent and winced as she hit the ground, landing hard on her back right leg. Meister was already readying himself for the next attack as the Nidoran struggled to her feet. One of her blue feet nearly collapsed under her own weight, but the Poison-type stood defiantly and glared at her opponent.

The wild Pokémon lowered her head and began to charge at Meister, her speed reduced by the injured leg. Meister pivoted on one blue foot to catch the horn on his side instead of his chest and winced as it cut through skin. This battle needed to be ended quickly; otherwise the Machop was going to require serious medical attention. That would probably earn Eli and his partner the ire of the rest of the group for a long time. Then the young trainer realized an opening. The Nidoran’s injured leg was her weak point, and there weren’t any barbs on her limbs. “Sweep the floor with her!” Eli shouted, and quickly covered his mouth with his covered hands, afraid that someone had heard that outburst. Meister grinned through his pain and extended his leg across the ground and knocked the Nidoran’s legs out from under her, his superior reach saving him from the poisonous horn. The Nidoran landed on its side and struggled to get up, alternating between growls and whimpers.

Meister stood over his foe and raised his hand for a fatal chop when Eli’s yellow-coated hand wrapped around his forearm. “Look at her,” the boy said, and the Machop paused. They both looked at the Nidoran lying in the dirt, breathing in weakly and then exhaling sharply. Her small blue body was shaking and Eli felt a wave of disgust flow over him. He couldn’t just keep hurting her; never mind that this was an important part of being a Pokémon trainer. Maybe he would bring himself to faint a wild Pokémon if that’s what the situation called for or if needed go the further step and…no. Eli didn’t want to think about it, and he didn’t want to look at this poor Nidoran lying on the ground beaten and bruised. He pulled off his black backpack and Meister lowered his arm, his body returning to its normal muscle mass. Eli reached inside and fumbled around for one of the two Poké Balls that he had been given during the last week. He pulled out the red and white sphere and looked at the Nidoran on the ground. He reached forward to tap her with the Poké Ball and as soon as the center of the ball touched her blue skin, the Nidoran was enveloped in a red light and was sucked into the device. Eli looked at it silently; there was none of the fanfare that was expected with a first catch, only that same stark realization that had come a few minutes earlier, at the clearing. Things weren’t black and white in the real world.

Eli had a lot to think about, but he also knew that he had to get back to the group. He pocketed his new Pokémon and began to run. As Meister joined him and they followed the wall back to the group, Eli’s head was swimming with conflicting emotions, but he soon enough reached the group, slightly wheezing from the exertion. As Meister handed him his inhaler from the side of the backpack and Eli began to use it, a wry thought came to him, though he didn’t voice it: What would Markus and his Nidoran think of his catch?
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