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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Lilly Brice
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Personality: Lilly is quite smart for her age and she likes to let people know. She can be a little arrogent and big headed but a loyal friend if need be. She will never abandon her friends and she hates seeing her pokemon get hurt, she doesn't really like violence all that much, but will make her pokemon battle if it ever comes to that. However she does like to protect her pokemon and friends as best as she can even if it means putting herself in danger. This has gotten her told off by both pokemon and people, and she can be seen as a daredevil of sorts because of this. She can also be extremely feminist and hates anyone that thinks girls can't do a man's job.
Home World: Pokemon

History: After the merge of the two worlds Lilly has been hiding away from people she doesn't know, which is almost everyone. She tries not to mingle with strangers as best as she can and tries to be as invisible as she can which has caused her some unwanted attention from certain people. It is these people that she is currently hiding from. She was minding her own buisness when two guys came over too her one day, she was trying to be invisible but the guys thought this was suspicious and assumed she was someone bad. Of course the guys were quite intimidating and she ran for it thinking they were going to kill her, this obviously made the giys more suspicious and so they are now after her. This has caused a slight hinderance to her adventure but she is sure that she kan keep out of heir way and she hopes to make some new friends as well.

Gardevoir - Female - Dancer
Beautifly - Female - Butter
Riolu - Female - Angel
Espeon - Female - Solar
Umbreon - Female - Moonlight
Skitty - Female - Fluffball

Link: Deoxys
Other: Angel is always out of her pokeball as well as Dancer/Solar who she uses to comunicate with her pokemon through 2-way telepathy.

Ok I know the personality is short but I sort of rushed this... ^^

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