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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Skyspire - Agana's Inn
RPers involved:
CM (Agana); Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Kamikaze (Darios)

In the pause after Corbin had asked his question, Agana called over one of her servers. The young woman was asked to take Alexa back upstairs to her personal quarters. She had fallen asleep again under Naomi’s stroking hand. The server did so with a smile. After she picked up the young girl, Agana also informed her that the tavern would be closed early, instructing her to spread the word so the other employees could return home. With a nod and a farewell to the group, the server took the Alexa up to the inn level.

Once the room was empty of all aside from their small group, Naomi gave a grateful nod to Agana, Corbin suspected for the privacy. She then turned her cobalt gaze back to the mages who were eager for her answers.

"I know the good mages can do," she started off. "But I have also seen the side that makes the public fear them. However, I do not believe that the actions of a few should affect the whole of the people. I do not agree with what they are doing to you mages. I do not take part in the arrests or relocation of those with the gift of magic. Or at least those who do not deserve it."

"There will always be those who use their powers for selfish reasons, and I agree with those mages being arrested and having their powers leashed," Agana said, her tone and confidence in the statement gave Corbin the impression that she had known some of ‘those mages’ personally as the years had gone by.

"But remember, my friend, that it was some of those mages centuries ago that created my race," Naomi added. "My species was created through the use of blood magic. We are not natural shifters, nor are we like lycans. I don't know how much you have heard of the Garou other than we are wolf shifters. But I assure you that you do not know the whole truth."

Corbin filed everything away for reflection as he heard it. She was absolutely right about him not knowing everything about Garou. She had already doubled his knowledge of them in just that short dialogue alone.

"Did you know that there was a time when blood magic was legal?" Agana then asked, and after a moment she continued. "That's when I became a blood mage, because I wanted the thrill of it. But that was also the time when blood mages started communing with demons instead of just using the raw power that was in their blood. It was some of these mages that created some of the first shifters. And back then they could not return to human form and were completely feral. Over time they could change form, but still had to be collared and controlled."

"If they want a history lesson, I can give it to them at a later date," Naomi said with a trace of growling in her voice. "We got off track." She turned back to the other mages, her voice again calm and collected.

"I aid mages instead of turning them in because the balance of this world will shift if we try to eliminate magic. I may be Captain of the Royal Guard now, but I wasn't always. I worked my way up from the Underground, and I did so because I wanted to be put in a position that I could try to make things right. I'm working form the inside, and there are more supporters than you think in nobility and royal families. However, since those in charge of the land do not share these views, and think we can improve our lives by trying to rid the world of magic, they are afraid of publicly aiding your kind."

“Which brings us back to what began this discussion,” Corbin began, hoping that he wasn’t interrupting Naomi.

“We can change things. We need for this nation to be united in order to face the storm ahead. In order for that to happen, however, Mages need to be put on more equal footing. That’s the reason for any ‘rebellion’ I may talk of. It isn’t because we want to rule normal people; we just cannot help anyone when we have to spend all our energies keeping ourselves from imprisonment.

“I, however, am far too young and inexperienced to lead Mages in an endeavor such as this. I view my position in all this as something more closely resembling ‘Mascot’ than ‘Leader.’

“I know that the two most effective means of uniting people with differences are common loves, and common hates.

“With all that the future promises to contain, I know that soon the world will have many common hates, but I believe I have the ability to offer something common to love among the Mages and the non-magical population. The games are coming up, as I know you all are well aware. It is why most of us are here. I intend to enter and win. However, I plan on winning not only the competition, but the hearts of the people as well.

“I know I cannot win over many of the nobility this way, but I can at least win over enough commoners to make openly supporting Mages fashionable for the nobility to do. If nothing else, the nobility already sympathetic to us will no longer be required to work in the shadows in order to do so.”

Corbin paused a moment. He had always felt that never knowing how to conclude anything as speech-like as what he had just finished saying apparently destroyed his credibility. He just never knew what to say once he’d finished saying what he was thinking.

“So,” he said, “Crazy, or not?”

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