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Default Re: [WAR XI] Ice Cream? No, YOU scream.


“Mommy, Mommy!” A young girl, no older than eight, called out to the woman who was sitting on the trunk of a fancy brown car. She was dressed well, as was her mother who was quite obviously a lady that had fallen into a fortune. The kind little girl reached up, and with a gentle smile the adult plucked her from the ground. Sitting her on her lap, she took off her child’s silk hat to let the blonde curls shine in the sun before she started to brush them. The little girl giggled softly, often leaning back to purposely impede her mother’s progress. “Guess what, Mommy?” She stated with expectation, grinning.

Raising an eyebrow, her mother returned her daughter’s grin with her own. “Oh? What is it?”

Another laugh escaped the child’s mouth. “I said guess, Mommy!”
It had taken two weeks for them to arrive since all their belongings had been put into the mansion, so the parent was a bit tired. Still, she decided to entertain her little girl. “Did you find a pretty flower?” She shook her head no. “A round rock?” The child told her to try again. “Hmm…Does it have to do with anything outside?”


“Our new home?”

Thinking for a moment, she giggled. “Something
inside the home.”

“Hmm…Is something missing?” She had found out about a break in, but oddly enough nothing was out of place or missing. The pool needed to be cleaned due to having higher levels of bacteria than normal and a broken wall that they suspected had simply been too deteriorated from the original mansion, but there was literally nothing else gone.

“Remember who we left here to look after the house while we were gone?” She was bubbling with excitement, and her mother nodded as she recollected that they had left a Pokémon to guard the establishment. It was a shy creature that stayed away from the police when they had investigated, and it was understandable because of how delicious it looked.

“Why, yes, I do. What about her?”

The little girl pointed towards the mansion as a large shape emerged. “Iscream has two heads and cherry sauce on her now!”
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