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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Well, here are my two SUs, I've yet to finish the history for either character, so I'll leave that blank for now. The rest is pretty much done though I think.

Name: Belcarth
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands almost 6 feet tall, with fairly long black hair. His eyes are of a deep blue color, comparable to that of the ocean. His skin is light but not pale, although his face sometimes have a red overtone due to his work as a blacksmith. Save for a cut along the side of his neck, he has no visible scars, although his hands show signs of the many hours spent by the forge and the anvil, processing and shaping the hot pieces of metal into their desired forms. The same work has subsequently hardened his body, and while he is quite strong, it does not show quite as well as one could expect.
When not in his smithy, he usually wears a leather outfit, not quite as sturdy as a piece of leather armor, but still better for protection than regular clothes. Over this outfit he wears something that looks like a mix of a long coat and a hooded robe. It's made of a light yet durable fabric, and is dark in color. This too is not for protection, but rather privacy. While wearing this coat, people will not be able to see what he carries under it, and with the hood on, he is quite adept at hiding in the shadows.
When he is armed, which more or less is every time he leaves his home, he wears a katana(curved, single edge blade) on his back, with the blade diagonally positioned, and the handle right above his left shoulder. This is usually the only visible weapon, but under the coat he has more knives and other 'tools' hidden than most assassins. These are the tools of his trade when he is not working as a blacksmith. And should you ever be unfortunate enough to go up against him, you would do best in reevaluating the situation before acting. Belcarth is of the firm belief that 'if anything has a size and weight at least that of a coin, then it can be thrown; if something can be thrown it can cause damage'. So far that belief has never been challenged.
Personality: Because of the events of the past, Belcarth is a very cautious man, weary of whom to trust, and always prepared to defend himself. Because of this mentality, his appearance and mood frightens many, even those who have nothing to fear from him. And the only one who see him in any other state of mind is his companion, Jayde. Despite not trusting others however, he is quick to defend those two are unable to stand up for themselves, and has a special hatred towards bullies who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. The irony here lies within the fact that he often works in the shadows himself, and most of those he goes up against have little means of protection against him, as they often don't see him coming.
Homeworld: Pokémon
History: In progress, will post when done.
Jayde, Female Lucario: her eyes are green rather than the common red of her kin.
Link: Celebi
Other: Belcarth is an Aura Guardian. History is in progress, and I will update it when finished.

Name: Mike "Ranger" Dawson
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands around 6'4'' tall, with short brown hair and dark green eyes that have the uncanny ability to almost see right through you. While people may be able to lie to him, he is bound to find it out sooner or later, usually by their eyes betraying them.
Mike may not look very muscular, but he is definitely not weak. If you see him in public, he either wears his custom teal colored ranger uniform, or all black/dark clothes. If you see him out in the field though, which you probably won't manage unless he lets you, he wears whatever colors match the surroundings. Usually green and brown colors, as he makes his home in the forests. He also carries a bow for hunting and some measure of protection. (I refuse to believe that the people of the Pokémon universe would so readily agree to eat their companions, therefore I assume that there will be other wildlife about, rare as it may be on the show and in the games.)
Personality: Caring, diplomatic and serious are the best words to describe Mike. He is usually very skilled with words, and it has gotten him and others out of trouble more than once, and it is partially the reason to why he is today a very skilled Ranger. Mike is the kind of person that doesn't fight unless he's forced to, and by then it's too late for his opponents to get away. One of his primary reasons for becoming a Ranger is that he want to help people, and even more so to help Pokémon around the world. He's pure of heart and has never done anything mean or evil to anyone. Punishment, sure, but only in a fair way, and never through any kind of abuse, physically or mentally. Some of those who has fallen under his judgment may not agree, but any objective jury would consider his decisions to be fair.
Homeworld: Pokémon
History: In progress, will post when done.
Max, Male Arcanine: Slightly larger than average.
Zorro, Male Mightyena: While fully grown, acts like a puppy most of the time, he is far from harmless however.
Hermes, Male Pidgeot: The very definition of strict and serious, he hasn't shown any outward signs of amuse since he hatched from his egg.
Tracey, Female Lapras: Shy, speaks(telepathically) to nobody than Mike and the rest of the team.
Nitro, Male Dragonite: Not called Nitro for nothing. Normally so calm and patient that little can upset him, and he can take a lot of hits before it shows. Push him over the limit however, and he will fight back with the strength of his namesake, and then some.
Lucy, Female Blissey: Shares the compassion for all living things, the skill and ability to heal, and the caring mind of Mike.
Link: None
Other: Unlike other rangers, he carries pokeballs with him, for his entire team. He prefers to have them out in the open, though when in cities and other crowded places he keeps them stored, Lapras being inside the ball more often than the others, since she needs water when she is outside.

Random Sprite Art, all done by me. That includes the animated Shaymin I use as an avatar.
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