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Default Re: [WAR XI] Pokemon Online Battling

Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
I agree with what Fawkes said, basically. While not released in the States, they are still technically released and are legal in competitive battling, Dream World or not. As Fawkes said, DW is for stuff that you can't actually get in any released games (bar hacking), like Genesect.

But yeah, this isn't really a big issue. I'd listen if you have anything more to say, though.
Im personally not going to battle a team that has unreleased pokemon on it, as part of a normal 5th gen ou match. I think that Fawkes should have to use a normal ou team, not others having to build brand new teams to accommodate unreleased pokemon. Im also guessing the new forms will follow suite with the last one as soon as proper testing is done.

what is the next theme going to be ?

If someone would like a standard black/white 1 match please hit me . We have a couple one day left

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