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Default Re: URPG Related Chat, Questions and Suggestions

Well, it's official ladies and gentlemen. Saturday night (US EST) will be the first ever URPG Exhibition Battle. We will watch the legendary former champion Haze battle against his good friend and retired Elite 4 member The Jr. Trainer. Two of the greatest battlers of the last 5 years clash in a full 6-on-6 battle!

But it's not just for show. The fun starts Saturday afternoon! There will be a mini tournament of 3v3 battles, and the top 4 finishers will get to battle your beloved Head Ref and Elite 4 Member We Taste Pies... in a series of 4 consecutive 3v3 battles for the next Exhibition Battle! Oh, you thought that was it? Nah. There's gonna be FFA, also! I know, I can't contain my excitement either! So don't miss out ladies and gents. You may be able to catch the highlights of the battle, but you have to be there to participate in the other fun events!

If you want an early entry in the mini tournament, you can start signing up right now!

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