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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

(OOC: Everyone there has been a rule implemented, from this point on, you can not add quotes from other people into your character count. The only things that count are what you write. For those of you who have been doing, I would ask that you would would make up for that count in your next two posts. Also remember you guys are strangers to each other, so when referring to another character dont talk about personal info that would be impossible for your character to know.)

Viridian City, Trainer School

Moments before everything goes down I get an uneasy feeling in my gut. I watch Wisp dissipate as it moves through the door slowly. I can't help but feel guilty for sending it out into a crowd of people to cause mischief and mayhem. I don't make these choices lightly, each of them seem to push me further back from my goal of being an honorable Light Mage. As it stands I feel like I'm starting to become as much of Dark Mage as I am a Light Mage. I know some of the other elders must feel that way, I can feel them watching me, judging my actions. People compare the Light Mages Elders to heavenly spirits, they always seem to forget that they're normal people. People who have flaws, some of the Light Mage elders can be just as shady as the Dark Mage elders. This thought process is distracting me from that task at hand.

I bend down next to Sun. I can feel that she is starting to become stressed. I run my fingers through her thick purple fur to reassure her that everything is okay. I need her to stay relaxed so she can focus her powers. For my plan to work I'll need to create the image of the sky dragon Rayquaza in my mind. At first I only have a blurry green outline to work with. I mold its body using images of the creature Id seen in pictures and drawings. Finally I reach deep down in my subconsciousness and pull out a memory that I had locked away. A memory of my encounter with the beast as a child. Once I add that to Rayquaza it is complete. As I hold the image, I let Sun know its her turn. She focuses very hard on the image, giving it movement. The more details she adds the better it looks. Soon the crest on her head is glowing bright. I know that she is ready now.

Next I turn my focus to the people outside the door. One by one I make my way into their thoughts. Effecting this many people takes a lot of focus and power. I could not do something like this on my own. There are far to many people out there and each of there thougths takes a energy from me. Sun is really whats keeping me going. The boost from her gives me the power to spread the feeling of confusing among them. All thats need now is for them to see Rayquaza. Once they do they wont even remember why they came here. I take a deep breath and pull up the door.

I seem to lose track of everything going on around me once the chaos starts. It feels as if time is slowing down. Their fear overwhelms my senses, it becomes hard to focus. I do my best to stay apart of whats happening now. That proves to be very difficult with so many people screaming and falling all over each other to get away. This is turning out to be to nightmare. I rush over to the first man I see on the ground and help him up..He must have hurt his leg in the fall. I look back to see Wisp chasing a man around but I cant change that right now. I help the guy with the hurt leg, other people help me move him. After about two we stop running. He asks to be left carried into a dinner where he can wait for someone to come look at his leg. Once he is situated, I rush back towards the school. As I get close to it I find the streets are empty. Rayqyaza must have moved further into Viridian. Its about that time that Z-Dex starts vibrating.

"Sir, I'm not one for I told you so..."

Download has a comment for everything.

"Than don't be and cut to the point."

I flip open ZDex and let Download's hologram appear.
"Your little experiment has led to three people getting injured. While their injuries are minor to them, Im worried about the ramification of your actions. Creating a Rayquaza illusion with your mind and having poor Sun control its rain over terror has crossed the line. Further mo..."

I close the device before he has a chance to finish his rant. He always has a speech about right and wrong. It drives me crazy. I made it so he stays active at all times, even when the touch screen is off he can still respond. The little guy has come a long ways since the original Porygon Dex model.
"I was going to ask for your help retrieving Wisp but I didn't want to hear a damn speech another thing Ive down wrong.."

Downloads responds.
" If that was your version of an apology its excepted. Now, I can access the Viridian Power Station to see if something is draining an unusual amount of energy. Give me a moment."

I'm not sure what I would do without Download. He has been there since I began my journey. Download was the best thing I ever got from my father, sadly it took his passing for him to finally express how he felt. I get distracted thinking about the old man while Download scans. Before he even finishes his scan I know where Wisp is. I can hear the sounds of screaming coming from the little mom and pa restaurant down the block. Download hears it to and responds.
"sir do you hear that ?"

Before I can go find Wisp I need to deal Rayquaza. I pause for a moment to send Sun a signal to stop the illusion. I can't imagine the Viridian News will be worrying about the students after what just happened. After Sun has stopped it, I run towards the restaurant. The screams help guide the way. Before I can even enter the place, the door swings open and a crowd of people pour out knocking me onto my back. As I lay on the ground I can't help feel that I deserved this. Download seems to think its funny too.
"Sir, perhaps laying on the ground is not the best way to solve this mystery hahahahaha."

Every time he says something like that I regret allowing him to pick his own upgrades.
"Note to self, remove voice options from dex menu."

I lay on the ground for a few seconds, until I see the last of the person in the place run passed me. By the time I get back on my feet, Sun has arrived. She seems very tired, so I call her back to the Pokeball. With her safely stored away and resting I move carefully towards the door. I'm on my guard as I enter the place. The floor beneath me is very slippery and hard to cross over, the lights above flicker on and off. I use the tables to help maintain my balance. I push from one booth to another until I reach the entrance to the kitchen area. I step carefully towards the swinging doors and genitally push them aside. There is still no sign of Wisp anywhere. Download speaks up

"Sir I am detecting a pokemon presence near or in the refrigerator."

After hearing what Download said I move towards it cautiously, I reach my arm out ever so slightly to grab the door handle. I'm really hoping to find Wisp playing one its hide and seek games. I pull open the door to find nothing. Im a slightly relieved to report back .

"Download there is nothing in there!"

It doesnt take Download long to respond.
"There seems to an error in one of my speech programs, what I meant to say was there was something inside it as in its wiring Sir..."

My face drops as I feel whats about to happen. What makes it worse is that I'm powerless to stop it. I shouldn't have drained my powers back there. I guess its to late for coulda and shouldas. I turn around to see the doors fly open and a pair of purple eyes looking at me. I barely have time to spit out the words "I guess Im it." before I sucked into it.

Pokemon Available on Route Two

Check the list above to see how much they cost in your trainer class. The beginning pokemon will only require the normal 5k post. If can not capture something on route you can choose to train against one of these pokemon. In this case you will have to post 6 k but you will earn two extra points. Those extra points and the captures have to be approved. Good hunting !

Remember to send your capture stories to me first, to get approval.

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GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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