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Default Re: [WAR XI] Pokemon Online Battling

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Black and White 2 is like using dream world shouldnt count as standard because the pokemon and some of their abilities are not released.
that's not a very good comparison.

Dream world is considered non-standard OU because you literally can't get them in game, they are unavailable in game, and therefore need a 'who cares about the rules' tier, which is why DW is considered by many a 'fake' tier as it only exists to use illegal sets.

B2W2 is unlike Dream world because it's not illegal to use move tutors/new formes in game, they are legit and don't require a new tier to compensate, you can use them in-game (which is what PO determines legality for the most part) and therefore should be classed as Standard OU. Just because it's not released in english doesn't mean it's not released at all