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Agana Lilith, Naomi Hemming [NPC]
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin); Kamikaze (Darios)
Agana watched as both Corbin and Amber joined them, noting the joined hands. It could have been just Corbin being a gentleman, but it still brought a small smile to her face. She knew that there wasn't a lot of time for romance with the situation at hand, but for this young man to still act respectful like this was a good sight. Mostly people in this generation only cared for themselves and were rude, even in nobility. So it was a pleasant sight to see in these dark times, even if it was just a friendly gesture and nothing more. However she could not dwell on it as the mages then began to question the captain about her previous actions.

"Not that I am not grateful, but how come the Captain of the guard is helping the ones she should be locking up?" Darios spoke first, seeming unsure if his question would be answered despite the smile he wore.

Corbin was the next to speak, and Agana was revealed that Naomi didn't react negatively to him speaking before she could answer Darios' question. Madame Naomi, I have not yet had opportunity to introduce myself; I am Corbin Smythe. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am in response to your actions. I suspect you saw my little note?"

The captain merely nodded her reply, sensing that he was not yet finished. She would vocalize her replies once she was sure everyone had said or asked what they needed to so she would be uninterrupted. Even if the attention was quickly put back on the inn owner before she could speak. The silver haired woman knew she would get to speak, so for the time being she allowed herself to start coming her fingers through Alexa's hair, the young girl then leaning into the touch with her eyes closed as she was not interested in the conversation going on. She just focused on the soothing touches, almost falling asleep again in the knight's lap.

"Lady Agana. I hope you can find it within yourself to forgive my earlier rashness. I have absolutely no desire to bring harm upon you or yours. I acted against what, I feel, is my own better judgment. I assure you I will not behave so again," Corbin spoke, though his tone didn't give away what he might have been feeling.

Agana nodded, her expression showing that she understood. "You are forgiven," she said. "And I do hope that you can forgive me as well. My reaction was also in part of protecting Alexa. She is still too young to understand everything going on and does not deserve the punishment that us adults would or should get for our actions. I could easily start my business up again if I were to get caught and served out my punishments, but that is something an innocent should not have to endure."

Once she was finished talking, Corbin turned to Darios. "I apologize for the danger I placed you, all of you, in by my actions. The only explanation I can offer is that I was commissioned to do so by someone I am led to believe is older and wiser than myself. However, after this little misadventure, my opinion in that matter has wavered slightly. I harbor no ill feelings towards you, though of course I understand completely if you continue to feel contrary feelings towards myself."

However Darios did not reply right away, something Agana wasn't surprised about. She may not have known him long, but she knew that he liked to think things over. But she didn't see him holding a grudge against Corbin. The situation was bad, but his intentions were good. And it was something that had to be addressed regardless, sooner or later.

"Normally this would be the point that I would suggest we retire for the evening and allow the events of the day to take hold in our minds as we rest for the morrow, but I worry that such a luxury is not one available to us at present," Corbin started again after looking the group over, and then turning his full attention back to Naomi. "Madame Naomi, I am likewise intrigued by your forbearance in this situation. Why is it that you have not only allowed, but aided us, when it would seem your station and duty are to do the exact opposite?"

Before Naomi could say anything, however, Agana called over one of her servers. The young woman had been working at this inn for a while, so she was not surprised when the owner called her over. The younger woman was then asked to take Alexa back upstairs to her personal quarters, seeing the young girl had fallen back asleep under the captain's stroking hand. Again the server didn't seemed surprised by the request and did so with a smile. After she picked up the young girl, Agana also informed her that the tavern would be closed early and to let the other employees know that they could finish up whatever they were doing and could return home. With a final nod and a farewell to the group, the server took the younger girl up to the inn level and to inform the others that the owner had given the rest of the night off. Once the cost was clear, Naomi then decided that it was her turn to speak. She gave a nod of thanks to Agana for clearing out the tavern of the others so they could speak in a more private setting, but someplace that was still more comfortable than a conference room. She turned her cobalt gaze back to the mages who were eager for her answers.

"I know the good mages can do," she started off. "But I have also seen the side that makes the public fear them. However, I do not believe that the actions of a few should affect the whole of the people. I do not agree with what they are doing to you mages. I do not take part in the arrests or relocation of those with the gift of magic. Or at least those who do not deserve it."

"There will always be those who use their powers for selfish reasons, and I agree with those mages being arrested and having their powers leashed," Agana said, having seen plenty of mages who misused their powers in her lifetimes.

"But remember, my friend, that it was some of those mages centuries ago that created my race," the Captain of the Guard added. "My species was created through the use of blood magic. We are not natural shifters, nor are we like lycans. I don't know how much you have heard of the Garou other than we are wolf shifters. But I assure you that you do know know the whole truth."

"Did you know that there was a time when blood magic was legal?" Agana then asked, and after a moment she continued. "That's when I became a blood mage, because I wanted the thrill of it. But that was also the time when blood mages started communing with demons instead of just using the raw power that was in their blood. It was some of these mages that created some of the first shifters. And back then they could not return to human form and were completely feral. Over time they could change form, but still had to be collared and controlled."

"If they want a history lesson, I can give it to them at a later date," the shifter than said, a small growl in her voice. "We got off track." She then turned back to the other mages, her voice now back to it's calm and collected tone. "I aid mages instead of turning them in because the balance of this world will shift if we try to eliminate magic. I may be Capetian of the Royal Guard now, but I wasn't always. I worked my way up from the Underground, and I did so because I wanted to be put in a position that I could try to make things right. I'm working form the inside, and there are more supporters than you think in nobility and royal families. However, since those in charge of the land do now share these views and thing we can improve our lives by trying to rid the world of magic they are afraid of publicly aiding your kind."
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