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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by White Knight View Post
Name: Justin Wilkinson

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Personality: Justin is headstrong and passionate, always pushing himself to the max. He has to be friends with people, and can't stand it when people don't seem to like him. Justin tries to be the comic relief of groups, and is fairly immature. Babbling all the time, it is hard for people to stop him from talking about just about anything. Because of his callow traits, people often view Justin as moody. Extremely stubborn, the boy never seems to listen to what others have to say. He seems to switch personalities a lot as he tries to get everyone to like him, but he is not really aware of it. His childlike personality makes him seem like a poor battler, but Justin has spent his whole life training his few Pokemon to peak levels. Surprisingly tough when he trains, he prefers to keep just a few loyal Pokemon as opposed to catching them all.

Home World: Unova (Pokemon)

History: This is so late so I'll skip this for now ;~;

Pokémon: Simisage, Arcanine, Huntail, Golem, Electabuzz, Swoobat

Link: None

*stamps Accepted stamp on SU*

Feel free to go back and add a history if you'd like. Even after being accepted I have no problems with SUs being edited and expanded. And don't worry too much about length when the RP starts. I'm mainly looking for people to have fun.

And with that I hope to have the RP up later this week. So please keep an eye out for it. :3
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