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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Marijuana.... A topic that has been debated many many times... Well, guess it's my turn.

Marijuana, should it be legal? I know most people would disagree with me, but my honest opinion is no, it should not be legalized. Instead, it should be DECRIMINALIZED. If weed is legal, than the government is going to tax the living hell out of it. Decriminalization is the best option in my opinion because then, it allows marijuana to be allowed, but not in the control of the government. Instead, it'd be more like how it is now, except we don't have to be as suspicious or careful about it.

One more thing, I would just like to quote Typhlosion Explosion.

Another reason to legalize pot is that people are going to do it anyways. Pot being illegal doesn't stop those addicted to pot, who will do most anything for it. This just causes trouble for the government and the pot users.

The most important part of that quote is the part where you mentioned "those addicted to pot".

Firstly, Marijuana is a non addictive substance. You will not feel the pain of withdrawal from smoking too much weed. It seems odd to me that you would be defending marijuana but would say something like that.

If you smoked marijuana everyday for 30 days straight and then decide to stop, ofcourse youre going to feel some difference, but the change will not affect you mentally. You will feel a little different but it's usage can be discontinued at will.
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