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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Team: Revolution Uprising
Position: Legalize it.

I'll start off with saying that it is proven that weed does much less damage than alcohol. One ways it does less damage is brain damage. It impairs you much worse than weed does. It also damages the families of those killed in drunk driving accidents.

33,808 people were killed in traffic accidents. 10,839 of these deaths was a result of alcohol (32% of all traffic deaths)

An additional 254,000 suffered injuries due to an alcohol related accident

Counter to drugged driving.

More than 16 percent of weekend, nighttime drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter.

Most of those drugs are most likely illegal and were most likely pot or crack, so it would only seem that around 10% were positive on illegal drugs. Not to mention the lower percentage of people killed while high on marijuana.

Intelligence suggests that if anything, alcohol should also be illegal.

Freedom suggests that people have the right to use pot. People should have the right to us pot if it is their will. However, marijuana does not endanger others because of the user's own free will.

Marijuana also costs our government billions of dollars. When the government locks people up in jail or prison, the tax payers have to pay for it. They have to pay for the individual's food, their housing, their uniforms, the electricity bills, etc. Almost 850,000 Americans yearly are arrested for pot purposes. That is a lot of money we as a nation would save if we legalized pot.

Another reason to legalize pot is that people are going to do it anyways. Pot being illegal doesn't stop those addicted to pot, who will do most anything for it. This just causes trouble for the government and the pot users.

Marijuana can be used medicinally, and can ease pain of cancer patients, AIDS patients, and relieve nausea.

Marijuana is also used in religion. Christians drink wine on occasion, and some Buddhists smoke pot. The first amendment states that the government cannot interfere with one's religion. It is also true that people of most religion do live in America. What can the government do about that? They can't arrest someone for religion, because that violates the first amendment. Smoking marijuana is not in the Constitution.
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