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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Southbay Underground, in a conference room
ARPers: CM (Kai)

"Kai is really good with a crossbow and ring blade," Anya nodded as the girl started, each of her stated specialties receiving its own nod, though she were marking them off on a mental checklist. "Kai can also sense and disarm traps, as well as pick locks. And being an elf, Kai can hear things normal humans can't." Anya was almost expecting the elf girl to say she was a healer to boot--and it didn't help her mental comparison of the girl to Rayna. She was most of what Anya was not; as she was more of brute force and recklessness...

/You just feel uncomfortable without your other half, Anya. You'll have her back soon, though, I promise. And don't forget, you can always call on me if you need help, too./ Laila suddenly spoke up mentally, and Anya resisted the urge to nod again.

"Well, it seems like you're everything I'm not--I'm mostly an employer of brute force... I'm used to taking people down and keeping them away from my sister while relying on her to keep me from getting too bad off, so as long as you don't mind basically doing most of the stealth work, I'll take us to where she and the other guy are and keep the guards down. Is that acceptable?" she asked, hoping that it was. She knew there was no way she could get Rayna out on her own, and this girl was about the last chance she had before she went crazy.

Aileena Crowfeather
Somewhere between Lakeshire and Riverrun, and heading toward Lakeshire
ARPers: CM (Drakon)

"...I still cannot believe you talked me into this!" Aileena exclaimed for the umpteenth time, shaking her head. From his position clinging to his Guardian's free shoulder, Harland snickered.

"Don't forget that means you actually have to dress like a girl for once, too," the raccoon remarked and Aileena grimaced.

"Which means I need fabric, thread, and a needle. Fabulous! I have to interact with more people," the woman snorted. "And I have to be clever enough to hide most of my skin, too...this is a mess you've gotten me into, Harland." The Sacred Beast snickered again.

"You need to meet more people, Leena." Aileena let out a huff at the nickname and glanced at the raccoon. "Besides, I love getting into messes--they're so fun to find ways out of!" At this, the Guardian of the trickster Sacred Beast sighed, shook her head, nearly facepalmed, and then kept walking.

OOC: Ugh, sorry this is so suckish. XD Hopefully it will get better.

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