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Default [CLAN] Heroes of the Heavens

The heavens have been shattered into an infinite amount of pieces across the galaxy. The Gaurdians of the Heavens were forced to search the Galaxy for the shards of the Heavens. Whoever found a shard of the Heavens was declared a Hero of the Heavens. We are the Heroes of the Heavens.

1. All PE2K and Competitive Pokemon rules apply
2. Respect all members
3. No innapropriate discussion in the thread or xat chat
4. Discussion is aloud, but no SPAM
5. Follow all forms in the thread
6. If you post that you have won a battle, the person you battled must confirm with a losing message
7. To insure you read the rules, please start your application with –Hero—

Favourite Pokemon:
PO Name:
Why’d you join?:
Battle experience (1-10):

1. Main Post
2. Heavens Division
3. Tournaments
4. War Team
5. Clan Shop