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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio
Affected: DoH

The battle was over. Lexin took out his digivice, pointing it at Angle, who dissolved back into his champion form, Angemon. He picked up Terry, the Gummymon seeming to melt in his grasp, even though the In-Training Digimon stayed solid. Lexin staggered a little, but kept standing. It helped that Terry had devolved so far back, and Virtik intended for him to keep him as a Gummymon until the time being. A small Digimon, one he had never seen before, which looked like an electric puppy, was standing there.

There was a girl too, looked like the tamer of that Impmon and Myotismon, now the limbless Pagumon. Lexin walked over to her. Angle was behind him, his Angel Rod still drawn. Lexin sighed as his partner looked at the Pagumon with suspicion.

“Why don't you trust him, Angle?” Lexin asked.

“Myotismon and their Champion forms, Devimon, are said to be fallen MagnaAngemon and Angemon. There's a reason they fall, and I don't know how this one lost his divine rights.”

“He helped us in battle. You saw him, fighting one of the same species. This 'fallen angel' looks pretty beat up. He gave the fight his all.”

“Dost thou know what thy new friend digivolves to?” Angle was beginning to slip into the 'accent' that his species sometimes donned when they were starting to become agitated, “He transformeth into a monster.”

“I know exactly what Myotismon become,” Lexin replied, “Remember California?”

Angle seemed to wince at an old wound, clutching his side.

“California?” Terry asked, his gooey body squishing a bit in Lexin's hold, “What happened there?”

“Tis a long story,” the Angemon replied, a bit angry. The Gummymon closed his mouth.

The girl who had fainted was just sitting there. Lexin seemed a bit apprehensive on what to do, as he wasn't that good with the opposite gender. He was still 14, after all. A smart 14-year old, but 14 nonetheless. He poked at a zit growing on his cheek, and he faced the Pagumon.

“Will she be okay?” Lexin asked.
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