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Default Re: The Unreal Judge of the Dark Shadows Lord Dredd's Art

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Haha wow have you got enough titles?! Unreal Judge of the Dark Shows Lord Dredd! xD

Anyway, you're a really good drawer, who knew you had so many talents. Your Shiftry/Seedot picture is great! Agree with Jesse, I would like to see some more coloured art, too. Your baby giraffe is so cute! =)
I think I was meant to be born before camera came around, because I can draw animals that look like they do in text books. Damn I should have followed darwin around with a sketch

Thanks for the support.
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Hey Boss, you just keep adding one surprise after another! First a promotion, and now this?!

These are great - awesome-sauce even! I agree with the other two - some more coloured drawings would be sweet. But seriously, WOW.

I'm definitely stalking this thread - no doubt about it!

Sealboy you always make me feel much cooler ! Well ive always love to draw and write its just in my early days I was restricted to the battling center because of the clan. Dont get me wrong I loved the clan days. Now that Im not a clan leader I have time to explore other parts of PE2K, also I also feel more welcome here

I will try to post up some new stuff, Ill add color once i get those darn colored pencils !

If anyone has an animal request Id love to hear, I always work much harder on drawings that people request.

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