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One second they were in the deserted street, the next in the Digital World. Kain let a low growl escape from deep in his throat as he glared at the unknown tamer. She still had not given them her name. He then stepped in front of his tamer, but moved so that his tail was also in-between the unknown woman and the younger blonde. The two sisters seemed confused as well, and the three higher level Digimon seemed to be on high alert. The elder Silvanus sister then turned her gaze to the other tamer and her Quetzalmon as her sister once again gripped on her green shirt, making sure she stayed close to her sibling.

"Why bring us here?" Menora demanded once Kain silenced himself. "We were about to go join the battle. What good are we here?"

"I don't like this, Sis," Mellony whispered, her voice weaker than it was before. She was still unused to travel from the real world to digital since Menora did most of the traveling between worlds to train their partners. "This doesn't feel right."

Menora then stepped out of her younger sister's grip and moved so she could wrap her arm protectively around her, her other hand going to the hilt of her dagger on her belt. She did not want Mellony to be put in danger, and if this woman meant then harm and this had all been a trick there would be hell to pay. She would make sure of that with Nero and Kain's help. She also noticed that Nix and Stiria also were ready to attack if needed, even if the sister Digimon didn't actually look like they were ready for a fight. She could just feel the tension in their partners, and also the distrust that her won had towards the other tamer that had yet to show any emotion whatsoever.
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