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[Roaramon/Pupmon-Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: Dog of Hellsing]

Roaramon watched the Myotismon fade away and the other Myotismon DeDigivolve. He expected to do the same as well. He blinked and walked over to the fainted girl, nudging her. When she didn't move he decided all she needed would be rest.

He turned to look at the other battle weary humans and their digimon. One of them was crying. His gray eyes scanned the makeshift battlefield, but there weren't really any signs of a battle having taken place. A few broken trees and some gouges in the earth were the only indication.

Roaramon felt a pain in his chest and a light surrounded him. He DeDigivolved down to his In-Training, Pupmon. This won't last too long. I'll be back to my Rookie form in a couple minutes. Pupmon was electrick yellow, tiny, with a small collar studded with what appeared to be platinum. He had one fluffy tail and large orange eyes. The symbol his line was known for was located on his left ear now. He shook out his fur and looked around again, blinking.

[Briskmon-Polar Icecap, Digital World][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: None]

"Momma! Momma! Momma?" Briskmon began to get a little disheartened. "Where is she? I saw the Digimon who took her come this way. Oh well, I won't give up." She looked up, her icy blue eyes shining brightly.

She hopped across the snow covered tundra, her thick white fur making her completely immune to the biting wind. She looked like a tiny, legless polar bear and her large black nose began snuffling through the snow for any signs of her mother's scent.

Her parents had been taken by a bunch of Digimon who has said they were under the order of Anarcomon. I wonder who Anarcomon is? Maybe I can convince him to bring my momma back if I find him. She kept wandering, not quite sure where to go or what to do next.
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