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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Persephone Silverton
Grass Ace.
Viridian City.
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Markus simply refused to be calmed. He began to shout again, quite explosively in fact. Persephone made a low whimpering noise in her throat and pressed her forehead into the table; all the negative feelings around her were starting to get to her head, making her feel angry and upset. Laurel nudged her gently but she pushed him away with her spindly fingers. He tactfully returned to his fruit, although he seemed tense. He kept shooting aggravated glances at the Fire Ace. If anybody was going to be their undoing...

Seeing his students' anger and dissent, Max took a deep breath. Persephone lifted her head and watched him with interest, curious to see what he would do, hopeful that he would be able to soothe the situation rather than accidentally inflaming it. He opened his mouth and spoke, his voice quiet and somber. He described how, seven years ago, a young Trainer began her journey. Persephone's eyes began to water slightly as Max outlined how she had disappeared; how they had not been able to find so much as remains, despite the efforts of the world's best trackers. It was, the Defensive Master said, his job to make sure that never happened to any of them.

Quiet settled over the rancorous group. Even Markus seemed to have been stunned into silence. "Each of you have been selected because of a quality you possess, a quality that will be needed to help you on this journey," continued the Defensive Master, sounding more purposeful and direct, "but you'll need more than that to get through this. You will need to work as a team, the most important thing you will do on this journey is hopefully learn to put aside all those petty differences and embrace what unique gifts each of you have to offer. Your decisions will affect not only you, but every young trainer who dreams of being able to start a journey." Persephone found herself nodding along. She knew that she could work with the others - it was getting them to work with her that she knew would be difficult.

One of the other teachers walked in at that moment, and spoke to Max in quiet tones. They seemed to have a brief debate of some sort, then the teacher broke away and nodded respectfully. He began to move toward Shay; meanwhile, Max walked away at a fairly quick pace. Once the teacher was done talking: first to Shay and then to Xiac - why he approached them specifically was anybody's guess - he looked at all the students and smiled proudly at them. "Well young masters, good luck on your journey," he said. "Before I say goodbye I have snuck each of you a parting gift. Don't tell Master Max." He winked. The teacher - Persephone was pretty sure his name was Yin - then gave them each a Potion. Persephone thanked him happily, tuning out Laurel's disgruntled mutterings about one little Potion not being useful at all.

"Okay everybody, can I have your attention?” Persephone whirled around, surprised to see Xiac talking. "Master Yin came in here not too long ago with a message from the Defensive Master Max. The beautiful lady, Shay,” he pointed to the Aerial Ace, who gave her Charmander a teasing grin, "and I have been given the responsibility to get our little team here out and on our way. For some reason, we are to exit through the back doors and to ensure that we are not seen. We were not informed why, but there is most likely something going on at the front of the school that may affect us and our journey. Now, when a 'signal', which I'm not sure what it is, goes off, we need to move out through the back doors and avoid ourselves from being seen. When we get far enough from the building, the two of us will explain the next part of our plan. Do we all understand?" Persephone tipped her head to one side. What was all the stealth for? It wasn't like they were doing something illegal or secretive!

"I don't!" Laurel growled, voicing at least one of Persephone's concerns. "Why are we being so sneaky, and anyway why are you two in charge?" Persephone gave an exasperated sigh and tapped her loudmouthed Bulbasaur on his round, scaly green head.

"Because Master Yin said so, dummy," she told him lightly; the insult was teasing rather than cutting. "Let's just wait and see what happens. I will admit, though, that I'm curious about all this sneaking too."

They didn't have to wait very long for their signal. A few moments later, a voice from outside screamed out, "Save yourselves! Rayquaza is attacking!" Persephone flinched. Why would a bestial dragon from Hoenn be attacking Kanto?

“Okay, that’s the signal!” shouted Xiac, leaping to his feet. A soft, wispy sigh of relief escaped Persephone - it was just a facade to cover their exit. "Let's get a move on people," he added, tossing the back doors open. Moving quickly yet calmly, Persephone gathered Laurel into her arms, thanking Xiac as she passed him. Ahead of them bounded the 'beautiful' Shay, who led them down a path for a short while before turning to address them as a group.

“Everyone listen up," said the trainer of flying-types, her voice loud and authoritative, “There’s a way towards Viridian forest, that actually does go around it if my analysis of Kanto maps are correct. We’re going to pass through a small grove and stay under the cover of the fauna. Yes, it is a denser area most likely filled with more Pokémon, but as incorrectly as someone has claimed,” she glanced scathingly at Markus, “Pokémon aren’t hostile unless given a reason to feel like we are a threat. As such I suggest that we move in pairs or a trio, since we are an odd number, with some distance between us so we look more like a moving group, rather than one big huddled mass that may cause some distress along the wild Pokémon. Being a bit thinned out will also make us harder to spot from the air, even with the trees. If we maintain this course of action until we find an area just outside the forest, we can set up a camp before dark and not have any major problems along the way. If anyone has any questions, we can walk and talk at the same time.” That said, she turned to walk farther down Route Two.

Persephone moved with the group, still holding Laurel. She followed the rest of the Trainers, keeping close to Shay as they climbed over a small wall of trees and plants before leaning over to whisper, "Excuse me, Miss Shay... I was just thinking that it would be a good idea for us to avoid the little clearing to the east. There's a lot of flowers there, along with a very territorial colony of Beedrill. There's a small pond just a bit north of here that we'd also best stay away from - it's muddy there, and it would be very easy to get stuck. To the northwest, just at the edge of the route, there's also a cluster of tall trees where Nidoran like to nest. It would be easy for somebody to get poisoned accidentally." Having finished, Persephone blushed slightly, hoping that Shay wouldn't think that she was showing off, rather than trying to warn everybody about the dangers of the forest.
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