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Originally Posted by lisa lynn View Post
lol what?! First, why would I read either of those two things if they use such a conveniently Hollywood argument like "oh, no, this form doesn't need energy to run, it's all deus ex machina like that lol!!" Second, why are those two publications the "we're totally right everything we say about zombie is 100%!" They got a few subjects to study? No, they're bullshitting like the rest of us, they're not any more right than I am if I say all zombies emerge from the ground with freakin lasers attached to their freakin heads.

It doesn't matter if it's reanimated or not, it requires energy to do anything, as does everything in this world. Even the Cordyceps knows it has to use its host within minutes or it will decay and become useless. Anything "not needing energy" is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Honestly.
Lolwut? You are honestly trying to argue about a fictional organism and trying to make a point? I am simply talking about all possibilities of its death, not trying to make this a science.

And what is your deal anyway?
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