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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- Week 2 Theme Announced (Week 1 Judged)

Username: Grassy_Aggron
Team Name: Guardian Units of Nations
Entry Title: Dusk Delusions
Entry Link: Thankfully it didn't get torched :D
Symbolism/Other Themes:
OH LORD where do I begin?

Okay, well, it's a poem within a poem. You can read them separately or together (which I highly recommend doing both), but note how the secondary one - which would be eight lines - fits in with the first in placement - clarity might seem a bit out of place, but the four sentences before it are just beginning to get out of said confusion, and it isn't complete confusion just occasionally. As for agony - soul coping, eh? Also note how the title is represented in the secondary poem at the beginning and end.

As for the main poem, note the ending words of the first paragraph and the second. Reversed!

It all has to do with the shadows cast by the light of any fire, but this poem also is suggested to be told as a story, hence the ending. A tale told by the rancher holding the torch, creating the nightmare the kids see - or is it a tale told by someone else? ;D Shadows warp into creatures with the flickering of fire and the combination of fear and sleep deprivation.

As for the secondary, lesser poem, which corresponds to the first poem as well, it talks about how there is always death and darkness, but you can't fall into the insanity of the illusions around you caused by it :D It isn't the only thing there. There is happiness, life, everything...Not just the pain of death, loss, and insanity that a flickering shadow can cast on us.

The lines involving black, sack, tack, and rack...Falling into darkness, it's considered evil, surrounded in mystery and shoved away to never talk of again. That's the only part that might be very confusing.

As for bees? Imagine a swarm of nightmares coming at you. Seriously. And bees are very fear inducing. Plus it sets up nicely for the "sting" in the next paragraph. And I don't know about you, but when I think of spooky tales with torches, I think of a ranch. XD "Rustic" is like, it's the old days when torches were often used over lamps, and there was a LOT more to be afraid of in the dark...

AND YES. It's torchlight. It focuses on the shadows created by the torch's light :D

Just remember, what I see in my poem might - and probably will - be entirely different from what you see. The above is how I interpreted this poem as I wrote it. ^^'

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