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Default Re: [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- Week 2 Theme Announced (Week 1 Judged)

Username; Charmander009
Team Name; Eggman Empire
Entry Title; Echo Through Time
Entry Link; Link
Symbolism/Other Themes;
If you haven't played Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, then this story might not make any sense to you. But one of the premises from the game is this--long ago, in ancient Oblivia, there existed a tribe of people who could "link" with Pokemon (then called Magical Creatures, I assume), and they were called oracles (or, alternatively, Steelheads because of the armor they wore that allowed them to command Pokemon). At some point in history, however, the Steelheads became corrupted and began abusing their powers. Some found ways to not only manipulate Pokemon, but other Steelheads as well (which is one of the premises of this story; Jirelm was controlling the Steelheads through some unknown means via their armor.) This whole story came about from a theory I had about the main protagonist of the games when I first started playing--which later proved to be false, but still. I thought it would be a neat idea to expand on ;)

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