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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Several hours after Kotomi and Aiden had returned to the house, the group was downstairs in the living room once again when Ichiru noticed Ashley and Damon looking outside the window, a panicked expression on the latter’s face. The dark haired teen furrowed his brow in question, following their gaz to see that smoke was rising into the air in the distance. Ashley and her children were in the living room as Ashley looked outside the window, seeing smoke rising in the air.

"Stay here with the children." Damon said to Ashley, then looking at the rest of the group. "Whoever wants to follow then let's go."

Somehow Ichiru and Kiseki both knew exactly what had happened, but neither of them wanted to acknowledge it. Aiden went ahead with Damon, Stefan, Lexi, Isobel, Kevin, and Kotomi while the twins looked at each other, deciding whether or not they should go as well. In the end, Ichiru decided to stay behind with Ashley and the children this time around, and Kiseki went after the others due to not being able to stand the suspense.

The dark haired teen’s heart sank when he arrived at the Gilbert house with the others. Just like it had been in both his and Ichiru’s dreams, the house was engulfed in flames. A horrible feeling came over him when Diana and Bonnie rushed out of the house, both completely unharmed - just like in the dream. He didn’t see Jeremy or Kenny anywhere around, which only made the crushing feeling of dread heavier.

"Where's Jeremy and Kenny?" Lexi asked the question that was probably on everyone’s minds, and Kiseki noticed Klaus amidst the flames, his image disappearing inside of the inferno.

"They're gone... Rebekah, Finn and Kol did this." Diana answered, tears beginning to run down hers and Bonnie‘s faces. Aiden appeared obviously shocked by everything, and even though he hadn’t known anyone in the group for over a day, he still felt the immense sorrow of the moment. Kiseki looked as if he could burst into tears at any moment, although he was doing well to keep them back. They had only been here for a few days and already two people had died. He was beginning to think that it would have been better if they hadn’t returned to Fells Church in the first place…
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