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Default Re: Kevin24's 4th/5th gen event shop

miscellaneous events
06099 Shiny Speed Form Birth island Deoxys ot Brick Quirky
21583 Shiny Faraway Island Mew ot サトシ Bold good offers only
41453 Shiny Naval Rock HO-OH ot Adrian Quirky
39189 Shiny Enigma Stone Latios ot CHEVAR Timid
01837 Shiny Enigma Stone Latias ot Chinedu Timid
Xd Salamence
Xd Altaria
Xd Dragonite
Shiny Newmoon Darkrai
Shiny naval rock lugia
Shiny German Birth Island Deoxys
01211 INV2011 Spanish Winter Celebi Modest unused
02211 Win2011 B/W Tour Celebi Seattle Lonely 3-15-2011 Likes to run HP 169
02211 Win2011 B/W Tour Celebi Memphis Adamant 3-15-2011 Highly curious HP 168

Trading by files is preferred.
>Wants JEREMY Shelder,JEREMY Oddish,JEREMY Slowpoke,Other Korean Cinema celebis, GCEA events,PCNY wish events, other PCNY events, event sets, kyushu super strong natures and ots i don't have, natures of NOK pokemon i don't have(gen iv files), natures of singing pikachus i don't have, Looking for any foreign dw eeveelution(korean,japanese,french,spanish,german, italian), dw starter(korean or japanese), english dw vaporean(from the befriend an eeveelution dream world event and not bred), other korean rayquazas, korean and japanese porygons, korean and japanese blisseys, dw bulbasaur(notJu-da-su's), dw squirtle(jp), korean and japanese banettes and lucarios, any french, german, italian and spanish dw lucarios with different natures than the ones i have and other target lucarios of other natures with proof of legitimacy. with proof of legitimacy. Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board., other dates of 10300 korean entei and korean suicune gen 4 files, 12160 korean raikou and entei gen 4 files
* next to GCEA events mean not from Dj's giveaway
White 2 FC 0562 8697 9735
soul silver Fc 1507 7626 4983
X Fc 3067 5372 2038
File trading email:
my event shop
great site say Kevin24 referred you
My Events

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